1000Kg/h Cryogenic Herbal Medicinal Pulverizer Machine


Cryogenic Herbal Medicinal Pulverizer Machine Description:
Ultra-low temperature pulverizers can be widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, national defense research and other industries of material crushing. Especially for heat-sensitive substances, Chinese and western medicine, animal and plant tissue, rubber, plastic and other materials that are tough and cannot be crushed at room temperature. Low temperature crushing is to freeze the above substances to the embrittlement point. It is then crushed to the desired fineness in the pulverizer, and the original components are not destroyed. Inflammable and explosive substances can also be crushed by low-temperature shredder at room temperature, and the effect is more remarkable.

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Cryogenic Herbal Medicinal Pulverizer Machine Application:
The shattering of the common traditional Chinese medicine, angelica, green tea, and west shawl, salvia miltiorrhiza, ganoderma lucidum spore and cordyceps sinensis, myrobalan, notoginseng, acanthopanax, butyl core grass, Ganoderma powder, konjac powder, notoginseng, xianggu mushroom, ginseng, sheep placenta, pine pollen, bee pollen, jacket, puerarin, LiPuYu, jujube, Chinese wolfberry, licorice powder, balsam pear, deer bone powder, ginkgo, etc.
Pulverizing of common Western medicine: Methenamine, ibuprofen, theophylline, helo it azole, vitamin C, black cohosh, carbamazepine, wine chamfer, nim horizon, turtle powder, fenofibrate, acyclovir, albendazole, nim horizon, know, o can be, the United States piroxicam, amoxicillin, shu and gasp the spirit alkali, hydrocortisone, terramycin, indomethacin, destroy the acid, flapping ketone, flumequine, heart rate, flat, prednisone, C sulfur, Hydroxyl cellulose, etc.
Pulverizing of common pesticides: herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, wettable powder, mildew antibacterial agent, chlorothalonil, bensulfuron TC, pyridine, acetamiprid, carbendazim, clotrimazole, thiazim, etc.

Cryogenic Herbal Medicinal Pulverizer Machine Video:

Working principle of Cryogenic Herbal Medicinal Pulverizer Machine:
By using cold source and material heat exchange; Cool the material to embrittlement state; After embrittlement, the material is subjected to countless times of impact, shear and friction through the grinding mechanism in the grinding chamber and finally becomes fine particles. The fineness of the material after grinding can reach micron level. According to the performance of the material, the use of liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant has its lowest cooling temperature, so that its cooling rate is very fast, for some need rapid cooling, low embrittlement temperature of the material is the preferred coolant. Materials with low requirements for cooling embrittlement temperature can generate heat exchange with cold sources.

Structure and composition of Cryogenic Herbal Medicinal Pulverizer Machine
1. Medicinal Pulverizer Machine adopts the pre-cooling bin to pre-cool the material, and the pre-cooling bin is installed with precision liquid gas gasification device to force cooling the material in the process of liquid gas gasification.
2. The spiral feeding machine is adopted to send the material which has reached the cooling embrittlement into the crusher cavity.
3, independent rolling vice guarantee the machine working normally in low-temperature environment, refrigerant injection again compensation for material in the process of crushing the heat generated by the phase offset, refrigerant injection through cryogenic valves adjustment, crushed material produced by high-pressure air flow and the expansion of the refrigerant pressure loss airflow through the mill of static classifier rotary discharge machine cavity to the window. After crushing, the material reaches the required fineness and enters the discharge system along with the airflow. The coarse material hits the blade of the static classifier and rebounds back to the crusher chamber to achieve the coarse step grading effect.
4, through the induced draft fan, the material together with the expansion of the air flow into the external classifier, adjust the impeller speed of the classifier, can reach the fineness we need. The use of external classifier reduces the time of material temperature return, reduces labor, shortens the production cycle, and reduces the use of the site. The crushed material can be directly packaged and transported.
5. After classification, coarse materials enter the feeding mechanism through the pipeline and enter the crusher for crushing again, while fine materials enter the cyclone separator. The cyclone separator separates the material from the air and the material is deposited at the bottom of the cyclone separator by rotating.
6. The inclined Angle discharging system is used for discharging, and the inclined spiral discharging system ensures that the air of the cyclone separator will not flow out from the discharging port.
7. The gas mixture containing rare material particles discharged from the cyclone separator enters the second cyclone separation, and the final separation will transport the air flow with a certain cold source effect to the inlet of the main engine of the crusher through the pipeline.