3 reasons for plastic pulverizer machine blockage


We have learned that the air ducts of plastic pulverizer machines can get clogged when they are not manipulated properly. The following wanrooetech will explain to you the following reasons for plastic pulverizer machine blockage.

First, because the material is blocked by feeding too fast, or by uneven feeding. Feeding to listen to the sound of the machine is relatively quiet than normal, if the sound of loud and small is not normal, to stop the test.

Second, the cyclone collector discharge port is negative pressure, the discharge of material is tight. If in the work of the discharge valve leakage, it will have separated the good material re-involved in the cyclone collector, when the kernel airflow into the duct, which will not only cause blockage, but also reduce the output.

Third, if the bag dust collector can not operate normally will also cause plastic mill duct blockage, bag dust collector is mainly used to recover the increased air volume in the return wind, while removing the dust particles in the wind, the increased exhaust air volume purified and discharged from the plastic pulverizer machine when the bag dust collector can not normally dust, a large number of dust particles material is easy to form a pile in the duct, so as to cause the plastic mill return duct blockage.

3 reasons for plastic pulverizer machine blockage

Plastic pulverizer machine product configuration

Main components: pulverizer host, vibrating screen, main motor, transmission system, frame, vibrating feeder, feeding fan, cyclone separator, shut-off fan, automatic loading machine, hopper, dust collector, electric control cabinet, material conveying pipeline, etc.

Stainless steel parts: feeding pipe, return pipe, cyclone separator, vibrating screen, hopper.

Water-cooled parts: bearing seat, stator, feeding pipe, grinding host shell, grinding chamber. Water chiller can be used for better cooling effect.

Start mode: star-delta start, optional inverter start

Plastic pulverizer machine product features
1. automatic frame structure, automatic feeding, coarse material automatically back to the mill, plastic grinding speed.
2. New wear-resistant grinding disc, long service life, good roundness of the particles, plastic powder flow better.
3. using less labor, one person can manage 2 machines at the same time, greatly saving labor costs.
4. Adopt air-cooling and water-cooling methods, good cooling effects, not easy to paste the disk, and wider use.
5. Multi-bearing design can effectively protect the grinding disc so that the grinding disc is not damaged when the bearing is damaged.
6. The grinding gap is easy to adjust so that you can get different fineness of plastic powder according to your needs.