3 ways to increase the output of plastic mills


With the development of industry, plastic pulverizer and other equipment have become indispensable equipment, welcomed by the majority of customers, customers often need an adaptation period after purchasing equipment, need to have the technical staff to guide the installation. However, in the later production process, there will still be some problems, such as maintenance of the equipment, insufficient production, and insufficient fineness.

The first is the feeding aspect. Try to feed evenly, not too much, and at the same time ensure the size of the feed particles. It should not be too small to be too large. According to the instructions of the manual or the installer, metal objects are strictly prohibited from entering the equipment. If there is an entry, stop the machine. Check for operation.

Secondly, the humidity of the material, the humidity of the mill feed is required, generally within 6% of the water content. If this standard is checked, the material will adhere to the machine during the grinding, resulting in a decrease in the production efficiency of the equipment. At the same time, it will also block the circulation air duct, the discharge port of the analysis machine, etc.; the production will be reduced, and the equipment will be damaged seriously.

Then the material should not be too hard, if the material is too hard, it will bring a certain load to the machine. It will bring great pressure to the wear parts of the machine, the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The replacement parts of the wearing parts are frequent, and the fineness and the output are not good, which greatly reduces the customer profit.

When it comes to plastic mills, it is necessary to understand the maintenance of plastic mills. Proper maintenance can guarantee processing efficiency, and the most important thing is to extend the service life. Tens of thousands of machines, if it is not good to maintain a year, you will be very distressed? I don’t think it hurts. General maintenance and maintenance is an indispensable part of the machine, which is relatively important. Therefore, it must be equipped with a professional duty, so as to ensure the normal operation and timely maintenance of the equipment, thus ensuring the normal efficiency of the machine.

Since it is maintenance, it should be started from the installation, because the improper installation will also affect the life of the plastic mill. Generally, the plastic mill should be based on horizontal concrete. When installing, it must ensure the horizontal and vertical foundation of the main domain. When installing the screws, be sure to tighten each screw to prevent looseness due to the screw is not tight. It is also necessary to configure the power supply and control switch according to the mechanical equipment. This work is all done. The plastic mill needs to run at an empty load. Once, if it is working properly, it can be produced.

Plastic mills also encounter such problems in production. For example, when the fuselage bearing is in operation, the bearing lubrication must be guaranteed, and the emulsified oil should be clean and free of other impurities. The bearing can directly affect the service life of the machine. . Often newly installed tires are more prone to loosening and require timely adjustments. In the operation, it is necessary to observe the degree of wear of the wear-resistant parts, and it is found that the wear is too large and should be replaced in time. When the plastic mill is running at high speed, the workbench should be cleaned to prevent the waste plastic material from falling in, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles, be careful. When you see that the oil temperature of the mill’s bearing oil is too high, you need to stop production and stop for inspection and maintenance. Finally, if the machine is running, you will need to stop to adjust if you find that the wheel is not harmonious.