4 steps to improve the quality of material processed by pulverizer


Plastic grinding/pulverizer machine is widely used in the chemical industry, waste recycling, plastic pipe profile manufacturing, plastic modification and other fields of various plastic materials grinding processing. According to the classification of the grinding principle, the mill is mainly divided into two categories: cutter disc mill and grinding disc mill, and the grinding method is divided into normal temperature mill and deep cooling mill, usually we commonly for the normal temperature mill, also known as mechanical grinding. Due to the expensive cost of using the deep-cooling mill, the use of mechanical grinding has been extended.

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For the issue of fineness, in the mill pulverizer production process, you can choose different mill pulverizer types in accordance with the different materials and processing fineness requirements. But for the quality of the material produced by the mill pulverizer, need to pay more attention to the issue. So how can we improve the quality of the material processed by the mill pulverizer?

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1. The size of the grinding material particle size, not larger than the size required by the mill, if beyond will lead to the production of materials with too coarse a particle size, because of the limited production capacity of the mill, so do not exceed the size of its requirements. When the conditions remain unchanged, the finer the grinding material, the finer the particle size of the powder produced will be.

2. The hardness of the raw material will also affect the processing quality of the mill, in the case of other conditions, remain unchanged, the hardness of the raw material is too large, then it will lead to a larger particle size of the powder produced, so the quality of the material will become lower.

3. In the production process, if too much material is fed at once, it will make the material stay in the mill for too short a time, which will lead to material grinding is not sufficient, the particle size produced by the material will be too coarse, and the quality of production will be affected. Therefore, the production process should control the material feed, according to the performance and type of mill, to the appropriate feed, so as not to affect the quality of the product.

4. When the mill speed is too low, its own impact force is also smaller, and the production capacity of the mill is reduced. At the same time, when the mill speed is too high, the impact force will also become larger. Therefore, in the process of mill production, in order to reach different production sizes, we must first adjust the rotational speed of the equipment in order to reach the required product quality.