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Plastic Granules Weighing Scales and Packing Machine


Plastic Granules Weighing Scales and Packing Machine is the intelligent packaging for the development of granular materials and irregular materials. Using pneumatic gate feed or belt feeding mode, advanced frequency conversion technology.

The packing unit is mainly composed of four parts, which are automatic weighing packer, conveying device, sewing device and feeding machine. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful shape, convenient operation and accurate weighing.



Plastic Granules Weighing Scales and Packing Machine is mainly suitable for the quantitative packaging of granular, granular powder, strip, block, tobacco and other materials. Such as: quantitative packing fertilizer, feed, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine granules, premix, washing powder, snack food, candy, melon seeds, peanuts, nuts, roasted seeds and nuts, salt, MSG, chicken essence, seeds, grain, metal and other granular materials.


Functions and Features :

1.Integrate feeding material, weighting, bag clipping, bag packing, conveying and sealing. 

2.Automatic pack reduction and automatic calibration during the weighing each time. 

3.Have functions such as long-range controlling and trouble diagnosing, repairing , ultra difference alarms and so on. 

4.Adopt gravity feeding method internally inside the package to ensure high metering accuracy and fast packing speed.

5.24-bit fast A/D converter and intelligent digital filtering technology, strong anti-interference, fast and stable. 

6.Weight meter adopts aluminum alloy enclosure, with high anti-interference performance and simple operation.

7.Double CPU construction, with power down data protection inside the unit.

8.Full enclosure design, negative pressure operation inside the unit, without dust escape, with clean environment.

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