About Us

Wanrooe pulverizers have been in the size-reduction business since 2000. We have over 20 years of fabricating experience. We design, engineer, manufacture and service pulverizing/micronizing systems. In short, we help our customers make finer, higher-quality powders from polymers and other materials.

Leading Plastic Pulverizer Manufacturers

We make smaller better, faster


We have a wide range of pulverizers to meet your different needs, including PNMF pulverizers, PNMP pulverizers(used for pulverizing PVC), laboratory pulverizers, liquid nitrogen pulverizers, etc. For different recycling requirements, we offer plastic pulverizing systems to make your recycling easier.

We take pride in providing the plastics industry with practical and cost-effective solutions that meet its demands. We manufacture our pulverizing equipment using the latest technology so that we can deliver superior quality products to our customers.

We offer a rapid worldwide service in the installation and maintenance of our machines because we know how important it is for our customers to have no downtime. We operate a modern test facility for testing our machines with customer-specific materials.


Our experienced and fully-qualified team of designers, technicians, engineers and skilled workers guarantees customer satisfaction. Our strength lies in our longstanding track record of innovative thinking, professionalism and exceptional customer care. As a result of our dedication to customer service and the superior quality of our equipment, the wanrooe pulverizer name is synonymous with pulverizing/micronizing equipment, automation solutions and material transfer systems.


Wanrooe will always be listening to our customers to be better. We can’t get better if we don’t listen and pay attention to business. We plan many more pulverizing equipment advancements in the future as resins change and requirements for this type of equipment require changes. We will always stick to what has got us this far and what we believe will carry us farther into the future in pulverizing system development.