ABS Pulverizer Machine


ABS Pulverizer Description:

General ABS plastic grinding selection PNMF plastic ABS pulverizer machine. According to the requirements of the customer grinding, the higher the mesh of grinders, the lower the output of the grinding powder. General plastic abs pulverizer can grind to 10-120 mesh.


Because ABS is amorphous and therefore has no true melting point. Therefore for the grinding of ABS plastic or granules, it needs to be determined according to the raw material, some ABS plastic granules are added with plastic, generally, we suggest that customers send abs granules over first, we help grinding for free to see if we can use PNMF plastic pulverizer machine for grinding, if the situation of paste disc, you can use liquid nitrogen pulverizer machine, so you don’t need to worry, you just need to provide ABS raw material.

ABS Pulverizer Advantages:

1. Safe and simple adjustment of cutting gap

2. Low energy consumption and high throughput

3. Innovative and energy-efficient design

4. Easy to maintain and control

5. Wide range of accessories

6. Regrinding coarse powder automatically

7. Dual cooling system

ABS Pulverizer Machine


What is ABS Plastic?

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)  is a common thermoplastic polymer. Its glass transition temperature is approximately 105 °C (221 °F), ABS is amorphous and therefore has no true melting point.


ABS Plastic Application:

The largest areas of application for ABS resins are in the automotive, electrical and electronic, building materials and DIY fabrication sectors. In the automotive sector, it is used in dashboards, exterior panels, interior trim panels, steering wheels, acoustic panels, door locks, bumpers, ventilation ducts and many other components. In electrical appliances, ABS is widely used in refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners, computers, photocopiers and other electronic appliances. For building materials, ABS pipes, ABS sanitary ware and ABS decorative panels are widely used in the building materials industry and for DIY, such as model airplane wings. ABS is also widely used in packaging, furniture, sporting and recreational goods, machinery and instrumentation industries.


Our Service:

Wanrooe will provide all the ABS pulverizer machines for complete production according to the customer’s requirements.

Wanrooe will provide complete service for factory layout and other information to help customers build the factory.

Wanrooe will provide good service for machine installation and training until the customers can run the machines and make stable production.

Except for one year quality guarantee, we will provide after-sell service all our life.

For long-term cooperation, we always provide good quality, good price and good service to customers.