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Black Pepper Chili Mustard Seeds Bitter Gourd Food Pulverizer Machine

Cryogenic food pulverizer can be used for all kinds of dried herbs containing almonds, Poria cocos, red jujube, Gordon Euryale seed, medlar, hawthorn, HuaiShan(Dioscorea opposite Thunb), radix polygons multiflora, red bean, frankincense, dodder, angelica, Codonopsis, astragalus, nutmeg, Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, desert living cistanche, aloe, radish seed, reed root, cinnamon,tripterygium wilfordii, Fructus arctic, forsythia, blue flower ginseng and etc.

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Even if you don’t spend much time in the kitchen, there are two seasonings which no cook can go without salt and pepper. Black pepper has long been a part of our cooking culture. However, until recently, that’s been the extent of our use of black pepper. It adds a spicy dimension to every dish and offsets salt nicely. Enough said.
At normal temperature, some sensitive or sticky, or elastic materials cannot be ground to a fine-grained powder, even when the grinding media are run at high speed.
This grinding mill with liquid nitrogen adopts the outer media freezing method to pulverize the materials to realize the heat exchange between material and liquid nitrogen, which can produce remarkably high fineness and is eminently suited to the size reduction of, particularly difficult materials. The specific nitrogen consumption is dependent on the product and fineness.
This machine can use a microcomputer control unit for volume and the amount of nitrogen.
The microcomputer is to set automatic level control system as to customer’s requirement, operators just need to set the expected value of fineness, then the intelligent control system will automatically adjust the temperature, the refrigerant valve size, the discharge rate, etc based on the argument point by the host current, chamber pressure machine and pipe flow.
The grinding room is continually cooled with liquid nitrogen from the integrated cooling system before and during the grinding process. The liquid nitrogen circulates through the system and is continually replenished from an auto fill system in the exact amount. The temperature can be cooled down to -196°C, which can be adjusted according to the brittleness point of different stuffs. Thus the material is embrittled and volatile components are well preserved. A powerful impact blade leads to perfect grinding efficiency. Admittedly, the autofill system avoids direct contact with liquid nitrogen and makes the operation very safe.

Liquid nitrogen tank, material solo, machinery grinding machine, draught fan, powder discharging cyclone.

Cryogenic pulverizer machine flow chart

Working Principle:
This PNCP series Cryogenic Pulverizer using liquid nitrogen to lower the input material temperature to material embrittlement condition firstly, then go to the grinding chamber, the input materials were thoroughly pulverized through blade wheel’s high speed rotating, and the comprehensive force like mutual repeatedly impact, crash, shear and friction between the materials and blades, fluted disc, materials and materials.
Grinded materials will be classified and collected by air screen cone type classifier, the grinded material or powder which has not reached the material fineness degree will go back to the grinding chamber for re-grinding, most of the cool air will return back to grinding chamber for recycling usage.

While grinding, the cooling source of cryogenic pulverizer system is forming a closed-circuit circulation system, so the cooling source will be thoroughly used, save energy; and the particle fineness degree rang from 10-700 mesh, even reach micron fineness degree. Apply liquid nitrogen as grinding medium, achieve cryogenic grinding, anti-explosion, anti-oxidation, etc effect.
In the pulverizing system, the cold source forms a closed cycle system, which makes full use of energy and saves energy. The temperature of the cold source for grinding can be reduced to 196 degrees below zero. According to the brittle point temperature of the material, the temperature can be controlled in the grinding process, and the best grinding temperature can be selected, so as to reduce the energy consumption. The grinding fineness can reach 10-700 meshes, and even reach micron fineness. In addition, liquid nitrogen is used as a grinding medium to achieve ultra-low temperature comminution, which can achieve the comprehensive effect of explosion-proof and oxidation resistance of materials.


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Specification PNCP-300 PNCP-500 PNCP-600
Grinding Motor Power 7.5kw 45kw 75kw
Blower Motor Power 7.5kw
Feeding Motor Power 3kw
Discharging Motor Power 2.2kw
Cooling Medium Liquid nitrogen
Operation Temperture 0-196
Grinding Fineness Degree 40-300 mesh
Grinding Fineness Degree 40-200 mesh
Output 200-1000kg/h
Output 100-1000kg/h