Causes of plastic pulverizer grinding powder are too coarse


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Our equipment is engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure it will excel at handling even the most demanding applications. The technical specifications for our pulverizing/micronizing systems are developed by qualified engineers under intense factory and field-testing conditions. The result is equipment that is durable, reliable, easy to maintain and simple to operate – providing years of trouble-free service.

Plastic pulverizer machines can grind a variety of plastic particulate debris into plastic powders, and the common grinding finished product is generally the following:

1. Due to improper installation of plastic pulverizer machine, the large and small wind leaves often take off or break in the operation of the powder, when the small wind leaves fall off or fractured, the fineness is fine. This situation should be downtime, update the small wind leaves. Be

2. The coarse powder is brushed to make the grinding coarse tubular tube, so that the coarse powder is leaked to the fine powder area, causing the finished product to become thick, then welding the hole in time.

3. The inner sleeve liner is easier to wear due to the shock of long-term acceptance materials. If the replacement is not timely, the inner sleeve is worn into the formation of a hole. When the material enters the powder feeder passes through the inner sleeve, a portion of the material will leak from the hole to the gap of the inner and outer sleeve, under the action of the circulating wind, from the bottom to the fine powder zone, resulting in deterioration of the finished product. In this case, it should be stopped immediately, patched or updated the inner sleeve.

4. The debris blocks the lock wind valve under the lower part of the coarse tube, and the coarse powder after the powder is selected from the return air blade into the fine powder area, resulting in a fine powder. The solution to this type is to frequently check the weight and working state of the lock air valve to make it function.

5. The plastic pulverizer is broken, resulting in the finished material of the mill, and does not flow into the bag directly into the bag.

6. The wear situation of the plastic pulverizer grinding disc is worn, and it should be repaired or replaced in time.