Industrial Automatic Electromagnetic Crusher Blade Sharpening Machine

Industrial Automatic Electromagnetic Knife Grinding Blade Sharpening Machine is mainly used in the woodworking industry, paper making industry, printing industry, plastic industry, leather industry, metallurgy industry. It uses the electromagnetic sucker worktable, suction is homogeneous, the knife will not be distorted, grinding straightness accuracy is higher.

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The automatic Electromagnetic sucker plastic crusher blade sharpening machine is suitable for grinding all kinds of straight blade cutters at different angles. It is suitable for a variety of different types of cutters in furniture making, printing, textile and other industries, it also can be used for oblique opening processing of high-speed tool steel and so on, being preferred equipment of related manufacturing enterprises.

The automatic Electromagnetic sucker plastic crusher blade sharpening machine is composed of the main body, working flat, straight orbit, the motor and the grinding head. Every part is compact and logical.

● The suction force of the electromagnetic chuck sharpener is uniform, the blade is not deformed, and the straightness of the sharpener is high
● The electromagnetic tool table is driven by a turbine worm, with a free rotation angle and accurate, thick shaft design and good stability
● The rack and pinion transmission has good stability, low noise, high transmission ratio, long life and easy maintenance
● The body is welded in one piece with high-quality low-carbon plate to improve deformation resistance
● Grinding head box and sliding table are made of full cast iron, centralized oil supply device can be lubricated in multiple places at the same time
● The guide rails are made of high-quality wear-resistant steel bars to make the slide table movement more stable and more accurate

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Model PNMD-1600E PNMD-2300E PNMD-2700E PNMD-3200E PNMD-4000E PNMD-5000E
1600 2300 2700 3200 4000 5000
250 250 250 250 250 250
<0.05mn/m <0.05mn/m <0.06mn/m <0.06mn/m <0.10mn/m <0.10mn/m
3kw 3kw 3kw 3kw 3kw 3kw
speed 1440r /min 1440r /min 1440r /min 1440r /min 1440r /min 1440r /min
4 4 4 4 4 4
size(mm) 3000*1000*1250 3600*1000*1350 4100*1000*1250 4600*1000*1250 3600*1000*1350 6400*1000*1250
weight(kg) 1500 1850 2100 2300 1850 3200