Difference between plastic pulverizer and plastic grinding machine


Plastic Pulverizer Instruction:
Plastic pulverizer refers to the crushing of various plastics and rubbers such as plastic profiles, waste rubber products, etc. The granules can be used directly for extrusion as raw materials for production. This type of machinery uses alloy steel blades, long service life. At the same time, the machinery uses a separate design, and has a double-layer structure, equipped with sound insulation materials, low noise, the lab plastic pulverizer machine base, and equipped four wheels, easy to move.

Plastic Grinding Machine Instruction:
The grinding is a type of grinding machine that grinds the surface of a workpiece with an abrasive coated. The grinding machine is mainly used to grind high-precision flat surfaces, internal and external cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, spherical surfaces, threaded surfaces and other contoured surfaces of workpieces.


Grinding machine: Grinding is an important processing method in ultra-precision machining, which has the advantage of high processing accuracy. However, conventional grinding has disadvantages such as low processing efficiency, which makes the application of conventional grinding somewhat limited. This project solves most of the shortcomings of traditional grinding and ensures grinding processing accuracy, while significantly reducing processing costs, making grinding technology further practical.

Difference between plastic pulverizer and plastic grinding machine

Plastic Pulverizer: The effect of process parameters such as rotational speed, and discharge port position on the pulverizer effect was investigated. According to its structural characteristics, and high strain rate collision characteristics of the powder in the pulverizer, this pulverization effect is a new view of brittle fracture. The pulverizer that crushes plastic raw materials can be put into the pulverizer.