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Electric Straight Knife Crusher Blade Paper Blade Sharpener Machine With CNC System Numerical Control

Multi-purpose high-grade grinding
It is a kind of multipurpose high-grade grinding equipment designed and manufactured by ourselves, which absorbs the essence of German knife grinding equipment and blade grinding equipment.
Grinding various blades
Grinding various large blades of different sizes, angles and materials.
Ideal tool sharpening equipment
It is the necessary equipment for printing, paper making, plastic leather, food, wood industry, plywood and other industries, especially the ideal sharpening equipment for supporting high-grade paper cutting machine.
Can be customized according to requirements
The company can be customized according to customer requirements, can also help customers to test grinding all kinds of tools.

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Blade Sharpener Machine is to absorb the essence of the German grinding equipment and grinding equipment design and manufacture of a multipurpose high-grade grinding equipment, this machine is mainly suitable for grinding all kinds of different sizes, different point of view, large blade made of different materials, printing, paper making, plastic, leather, food, wood, plywood, and other industries of equipment required, In particular, it is the ideal sharpening equipment for high-grade paper cutting machine. The machine body is made of double-layer high quality iron plate welding, its advanced structure, reasonable design, good stability, after aging treatment and finishing, to ensure the accuracy of the machine. The machine bed is equipped with an electromagnetic sucker, one end is provided with a worm drive mechanism, rotating hand wheel can be in 0-90° range of arbitrary adjustment of Angle. The front side of the bed is provided with a travel switch to adjust the stroke, and the rear side is provided with a rack and gear clearance adjustment mechanism. The bed is equipped with a special electrical control box. The main movement of the machine tool adopts mechanical transmission, and the left and right walking adopts rack and pinion frequency conversion speed regulation. The best adjustment between the rack and pinion can be carried out according to the operation situation. The grinding head of the machine tool adopts frequency conversion automatic feed, the total feed amount can be set, and the grinding can be carried out according to the total feed amount. The main box is equipped with a lifting motor for rapid lifting. This machine tool adopts Germany advanced technology and is made of high quality steel.

Product features:
Multi purpose high-end grinding machine:
This grinder combines numerous functions and is not only suitable for grinding various materials, but also has exquisite design and excellent quality, fully demonstrating the excellent quality of high-end grinding equipment.
Its design inspiration comes from Germany’s advanced grinding technology for knives and blades, combined with domestic practical needs and process characteristics, carefully developed and manufactured, with high practicality and durability.
Grinding various blades:
This grinder is capable of handling blades of various sizes, angles, and materials, whether large or small, to easily handle and ensure precise and efficient grinding results.
Based on the characteristics of different blades, the equipment is equipped with corresponding grinding tools and processes to achieve precise grinding of the blades, improve their service life and cutting efficiency.
Ideal tool sharpening equipment:
Due to its excellent grinding performance and wide applicability, this grinder has become an essential equipment in industries such as printing, papermaking, plastic leather, food, wood, plywood, etc.
Especially for enterprises that require high-end paper cutting machines, this grinder is an indispensable blade grinding equipment, which can ensure the sharpness and durability of the paper cutting machine blades, improve production efficiency and product quality.
Customizable according to requirements:
Our company attaches great importance to meeting customer needs and can provide customized services according to their specific requirements, providing customers with the most suitable grinding machines for their production needs.
At the same time, we also provide trial grinding services to help customers test the grinding effect of various cutting tools, to ensure that the grinder can meet the actual usage needs of customers.

Product details
The operation panel is simple and clear, the automatic falling knife can adjust the insert frequency and automatically manually operate free to switch.
02. Table Angle Adjustment
Any angle within 0-90 * of the turbine and worm adjustment workbench.
Strong copper coil electromagnetic suction cup dedicated to knife device
A special grinding head motor, high precision, good stability, and carrier wheel device, convenient loading and unloading.

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Model PNMD PRO-1600C
Grinding length 1600mm
Electromagnetic chuck specifications 180* 1600mm
Grinding head rotation speed 1400/min
Grinding head motor power 4kw
Walking speed 0-20m/min (frequency control)
Grinding wheel size Φ200*110*Φ100
Dimensions 3000* 1100*1300mm
Grinding blade angle About 45°
Total machine power 6.6kw
Automatic feed amount of grinding head 0.01-0.03mm
Machine weight 2250kg