EPDM Rubber Grinder Pulverizer Milling Machine


What is EPDM Rubber?
EPDM is a copolymer of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of non-conjugated diene. It is a kind of synthetic rubber. It is represented by EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) because its main chain is made of chemically stable saturated hydrocarbons. Composition only contains unsaturated double bonds in the side chain, so it has excellent aging resistance such as ozone resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, etc., and can be widely used in automobile parts, construction waterproof materials, wire and cable sheaths, heat-resistant hoses, tapes, Automotive seals and other fields.
EPDM is extremely durable and flexible and therefore has a wide range of applications, including in vehicles (where it is used for window and door seals, as well as cooling system hoses), cold-rooms, non-slip coatings for decks and playgrounds and many others besides. In simple terms, pure rubber becomes brittle with temperature variable, wherein synthetic rubber (EPDM) remains flexible and withstand temperature variations for decades.EPDM is a copolymer with elastomeric properties, which means it is a polymer that is both viscous and elastic. If stretched, it will return to its original shape. Its two main components (ethylene and propylene) are both derived from oil and natural gas.

EPDM Rubber Pulverizer Description:
PNMP EPDM Rubber Grinder Pulverizer Milling Machine is chiefly designed to grind EPDM. The pulverizer uses turbo type blade. The static blade and rotary blade could be adjusted, thus you can get different sizes of EPDM powder with one grinder. High output, low energy consumption and long lifespan attract many customers around the world. It can be used for PVC plastic from PVC pipe/profile/soft sheet/bottle/card from low to moderate hardness PVC.
The output of our PNMP pulverizer can reach 100-900kg/h (15-100mesh).


Technical Features:
1.The new disc design is of high quality, strong resistance and the life of this grinding disc is double the ordinary ones.
2. The newly designed professional bearings, is with a high rotation rate. At the same time using only one drive motor, ensure an efficient grinding crash, which greatly saves the time of machine operation and engineering control.
3. Easy installation and maintenance, just open the door to clean up.
4. The whole milling process is sealed, without dust leakage.
5. Full automatic design, automatically feeding, discharging and sorting.
6. Grinding gap adjustment is simple, just use the feeler gauge and adjust bolts can be fine-tuning.
7. The mill uses the water and wind double cooling system, prevent bearing and other parts from overheating.
8. Using Well-known brand accessories, such as SKF bearings and Siemens motors, can work for a long time, saving the trouble of changing accessories frequently.