Extending The Bearing Life of EVA Disc Mill Pulverizer


EVA plastic pulverizer mill is a grinding disc mill pulverizer. In the whole machine of the EVA disc mill, the main role of bearing is to play a supporting role, which can make shaft and hole cooperate and bear radial load. However, in the daily use of the machine, there is often the phenomenon of bearing damage. Once the phenomenon of bearing damage occurs, it directly leads to the normal operation of EVA mill. Therefore, it is very necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of bearings of EVA disc mill.


Before doing the maintenance of bearings, we should first know what is the cause of bearing wear?
1, EVA pulverizer bearing high strength work, friction, cause serious wear. This is the main reason for bearing wear of EVA mill. The solution is to add lubricating oil appropriately and timely to reduce the friction between bearings.
2, EVA pulverizer bearing fatigue is high. The high bearing fatigue of EVA mill is mainly caused by the operation of EVA mill for a long time and the timely maintenance, which will directly cause the deformation and aging of bearings. Therefore, the right amount of control of the work of the machine is a means of maintaining bearings.

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3. The bearing of the EVA pulverizer is contaminated. When users use the machine, there will often be such a problem, because of the impact of the machine processing environment, some material dust into the bearing inside, bearing in operation, will directly friction with these impurities, which greatly increases the degree of bearing wear.
4. Improper installation of bearings of EVA mill. No trained staff remember not to install bearings at will, because the installation of bearings is improper, there will be the phenomenon of bearing left and right swing. Or in the installation, the use of high strength external force knocking, making the bearing deformation and so on. This will greatly increase the degree of bearing wear.