High demands are made on products with respect to processing quality and optical properties. An important aspect in the production and processing of plastics is therefore the filtration. We offer suitable filters for every extrusion process to reliably remove contaminants from the plastic melt.
Our gear pumps additionally optimize the extrusion process, precisely transporting the product stream and efficiently building up the die pressure in order to relieve the extruder of the pressure build-up. The melt is conveyed extremely uniformly through the die, guaranteeing a consistently high quality of the finished product (e.g. sheets, profiles, tubes, foams, blown film or hoses).
Blown Film, Cast Film, Hose, Tube, Plate, Coating and Lamination, Fibers and Yarns, Foams, Profiles, Wire and cable, Jacketing, Other plastic Products, Elastomer engineered Products, Elastomer Tire, Silicone Rubber

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