Foreign Customers Try the Wood Pulverizer Machines Themselves


Pulverizer includes high output units which can be equipped with automatic temperature control. The material to be pulverized is fed centrally between a fixed and a high speed rotating pulveriser disc with centrifugal effect carrying the material through the processing zone before being discharged from the machine pneumatically.Several different types of pulverizer machines are used to smash down other materials, such as rock, glass, wood, metals, and cement. When it comes to plastic, the three primary types of pulverizers are granulators, shredders, and ring mills.The models of pulverizing machine ensure the production of pulverized material from plastic granules for the manufacturing of high quality final products.

Previously, our company was mainly engaged in the production of plastic mill, but the customers were more and more demanding, not satisfied with a single machine.So our factory introduced advanced technology to make the mill that grinds wood.The Pulverizer constitutes of high quality, maintenance-free, efficient components, like the Pulverizer Blade. The Pulverizers have very special designs and are being approved by our in-house quality control and testing departments after going through rigorous tests and routine check-up procedures.

The machine adopts high speed shock, sharp cutting, ground grinding and flow self-grinding principle, which makes the material achieve the fine purpose.The main engine is composed of rotor, upper body and lower body.The pulverized chamber adopts multi-stage crushing process and detailed principle device, which is characterized by high impact, high efficiency, and good breakdown ability.The whole machine consists of main engine, fan, analyzer, dust collector and dust collector.The structure is compact, the layout is reasonable, its outstanding characteristic is the operation is convenient, the use is safe, the sealing is good, the noise is small.The body has a fine analyzer, and the speed of the analyzer is regulated by the speed of the analyzer.Easy to operate, simple process.The inner plane is equipped with air conditioner, which can adjust the size of the air volume, the volume of air volume is low, the wind quantity is small and the fine degree is high and the ideal degree can be continuously manufactured.

Wood Pulverizing Machine is suitable for: wood powder, wood chaff, bamboo powder, chestnut, elm wood powder, wood grain, wood, leather grain, wood powder, cedar wood powder, dried small shrimps, anise powder, Chinese prickly ash, chili powder, pepper, refined cotton, feather, feather stalk, straw, wheat bran, rice husk, glued wood, potato ballast, cassava, Chinese herbal medicine, fish meal, cake, sanshui magnesium silicate, etc all fiber materials crushing process.It is an indispensable wood crushing equipment in the industries of bakelite, plastic, papermaking, mosquito-repellent incense, health incense, feed, Chinese herbal medicine and breeding.

The Wood Pulverizing Machine is made of alloy knives, all of which are made by the manufacturer specializing in cutting tools.The Wood Pulverizing Machine has a fineness analysis device, which can control the detail of the material.It is good to improve the failure of the screening rate and the inlet of the mill feed, which can prevent the machine from being seriously damaged by metal in the process.The machine body, bearing whole water cooling, has the protective bearing effect.The machine is fitted with a triple stator ring and a crushing blade tray.

Foreign customers are not afraid of the long journey, we will come to our factory to experiment with the machines.It is very helpful to see our machine, which can grind waste wood into special powder.They are very satisfied with our machine and have bought ten machines from our company.