Four Steps to Solve Plastic Pulverizer Machine Powder Mesh is too Thick


After plastic pulverizer powder is used for a long time, some customers will react that the final grinding mesh becomes coarse. There are several specific reasons that affect the material mesh of plastic grinding machine can not meet the requirements:

1. Plastic pulverizer machine Lord motor speed, the main motor speed material discharging it as soon as possible, the mesh is fine, have customers to the main motor speed is slow, so that can save electricity, this is a big mistake, then there is the ratio of the main motor pulley and shaft pulley to control in a reasonable range of not less than 3000 revolutions per minute (normal).

2. Plastic pulverizer blade wear degree, a new plastic pulverizer according to different materials in use after a period of time will appear different degree of wear and tear, the user if there is a material thickness uneven situation, should be timely check plastic grinder knife or fixed knife for wear and wear should be given to repair or replacement, so as not to affect the product quality and work efficiency.

3. Material temperature: the temperature of different grinding materials is not the same, users should pay attention to the type, batch and plasticizing performance of the grinding materials when replacing the grinding materials, so as to control the temperature of the material through the water circulation of the cooling system. The mesh number of the material with too high a temperature is relatively fine.

4. The size of the broken materials, recycled materials need to pass before grinding crusher for crushing, the crusher screen mesh is critical, the mesh size according to the actual situation of the material to change in time, the operating personnel shall be supervised according to the size of the broken material, material size change timely observation, ensure the material after broken particle size is between 3 to 8 mm.