High Speed Pulverizer Machine For Plastic


With high output and small fineness, plastic pulverizer machine has been widely applied in the chemical industry. This machine can easily grind PVC, PE and PS materials, like PVC pinch plates, pipe, rubber, leather, plant fiber and other plastic materials grinding and powder processing. Compared with other milling machines, it has large output with the same energy consumption, saving energy. In addition, this plastic scrap recycles grinding mill has the obvious features of compact structure, high capacity and small noise.

How do deal with plastic scrap, plastic extrusion overruns, purging, or post-consumer plastic? The answer to plastic recycling is simple when choosing a high-quality turbo-type grinder mill. On the basis of assimilating the domestic and oversea advanced technology, This equipment is engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure it will excel at handling even the most demanding applications. The result is our plastic grinding mill is durable, reliable, easy to maintain and simple to operate, providing years of trouble-free service, helping to save money and save landfill space – reprocess the defective or out of spec material or the scrap with a plastic grinder mill in order to reclaim the loss.

High Speed Pulverizer Machine For Plastic

Features of  pulverizer machine for plastic 

Pulverizer machine for plastic is specialized in producing plastic powder from plastic granules and scraps. The whole unit includes feeding hopper, grinding chamber, vetex hopper, vibrating sieve, regrinding system, and dust-cleaner.
Both the board and the cutting blade are made of abrasion-resistant steel, which has excellent performance after heat treatment.
Simple replaceable of high-quality knives, and they can be used repeatedly after grinding.
This plastic pulverizer has low power consumption, high yield, good-designed structure and easy installation.
By virtue of automatic feeding, automatic separation and automated discharging, this plastic grinding mill is completely air-proof and without any dust leakage.
The powder fineness can be adjusted since the machine has 10-120 meshes to choose from. It just needs to use a filler gauge and adjust bolt to realize precise adjustment.
Its reasonable design and smaller milling chamber generate higher yield by making the materials immediately caught, milled and then removed quickly, avoiding the temperature of the material rising and decomposition.



Working Principle of  Pulverizer Machine For Plastic 

Multifunctional plastic grinding mill is made up of four components: air conveying pipeline, cyclone separator, electric control panel and water supply. Putting raw materials into a grinding chamber, through the classification and cooling of wind and water, people can get 40-100 meshes of rubber powder.

Applications of Pulverizer Machine For Plastic 
High-speed plastic pulverizer is the particular equipment for recycling disused insignificant materials in producing and grinding heat-sensitivity plastic such as PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, PET and so forth. It is able to crush 10-30 meshes materials into 40-120 meshes. The models of plastic grinding mill ensure the production of pulverized material from plastic granules for the manufacturing of high-quality final products, widely used for plastic grinding and recycling.