How to buy a good quality PVC pulverizer


PVC pulverizers are used to grind PVC materials into smaller pieces. They can be used for a variety of applications, including recycling, waste management, and industrial production.

When choosing a PVC pulverizer, it is important to consider the following factors:

1. Processing capacity

The processing capacity of a PVC pulverizer is the amount of material it can grind in a unit of time. You need to choose a pulverizer with the appropriate processing capacity based on the amount of material you need to grind. In general, larger pulverizers have higher processing capacities.

PVC Pulverizer Buying Guide

2. Material properties

PVC pulverizers have certain requirements for the properties of the material being ground. You need to choose a pulverizer based on the size, hardness, and calcium carbonate content of the material. In general, the higher the calcium carbonate content, the higher the grinding yield. PVC pulverizers are suitable for processing PVC pipes, profiles, window and door scrap, SPC flooring, PVC flooring, aluminum-plastic medicine board shells, and PCBs.


3. Grinding performance

Grinding performance refers to the size, shape, and uniformity of the ground material. You need to choose a pulverizer based on the desired grinding performance. In general, smaller particle size, more regular shape, and higher uniformity indicate better grinding performance. Our PVC pulverizer can grind 15-100 mesh.

4. Energy consumption and noise

PVC pulverizers consume energy and generate noise during operation. You need to choose a pulverizer based on the energy consumption and noise requirements. In general, pulverizers with lower energy consumption and lower noise have better performance.


5. Operation and maintenance

The ease of operation and maintenance of a PVC pulverizer will also affect the operating costs and reliability of the equipment. You need to choose a pulverizer based on the operation and maintenance requirements. In general, pulverizers that are easier to operate and maintain have higher reliability.


6. Price and after-sales service

The price and after-sales service of a PVC pulverizer are also factors to consider. In general, pulverizers with higher prices and better after-sales service have higher quality and reliability.  


When choosing a PVC pulverizer, you need to consider all of the factors listed above. You need to weigh and choose the most suitable equipment based on your actual needs.

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