How to choose rubber pulverizer machine?


In the rubber, plastic, pharmaceutical and other industries, their raw materials are ever-changing. Usually, from raw materials to finished products, they need to go through coarse crushing, fine crushing, sieving and other processes, and in the first coarse crushing process, the shape hardness and material of the materials are different, which brings some difficulty to the process.

How to choose rubber pulverizer machine

The use of rubber granules combined: mainly used for sports track, soccer field, tennis court, basketball court and other recreational and sports activities, highways, high-speed railroads, and widely used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, families, kindergartens, elderly homes, highways, factories need shock absorption, noise reduction, anti-skid site, and can be used flexibly with the use of a variety of categories of surface materials can be combined with the use of its outstanding features: anti-skid , sun protection, wear resistance, flame retardant.

So it is very important to choose a suitable rubber pulverizer machine.


First of all, the application of different rubber industry rubber particle sizes is not the same, so the choice of rubber grinding machine to consider the size of rubber particles can be adjusted.


Secondly, the environmental protection check is now more stringent, in the rubber pulverizing processing will be dust, in the choice of rubber grinding machine to consider whether there is no sinking some function


Again, when choosing a rubber mill, the life of use, and maintenance are not simple and the efficiency of the particles, in the use of the pulverizing knife is not a long life and material is chosen, this is important because it will save a lot of maintenance costs.


Finally, choose a rubber pulverizer that is not a rubber pulverizer machine manufacturer so that problems will be quickly solved, in the same quality as price so as not to step on the pit, the price of good things is not cheap, especially equipment used for a long time and wear and tear


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