How to deal with the failure of plastic pulverizer mill


Plastic pulverizers for processing plastic particles, such as material, so prone to failure are common things, want to reduce the frequency of failure, so used to avoid overload operation, the equipment lubrication to do, the second failure to timely maintenance equipment, if you run plugging material, plastic grinder in blowing to the blower can be material recycling processing, At the same time to do a good job of cleaning the bottom of the equipment, the following is a detailed introduction.

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First, how to troubleshoot the plastic pulverizers
1. Ensure normal working load
Be careful not to work under the maximum load that the machine can bear, and to use the machine as far as possible. It is necessary to ensure the uniform increase and decrease of mechanical load as far as possible so that the machine is in a relatively gentle load change. Specifically, it is to increase and decrease the throttle more evenly, to prevent the engine, working device action of the ups and downs.

2. Ensure the reasonable lubrication of plastic pulverizer machine
Normal and reasonable lubrication is one of the effective measures to reduce plastic pulverizer machine failure. To this end, to a reasonable selection of lubricants, according to the type of plastic pulverizer machine, and the different application structure of the normal selection of lubricants. According to the requirements of the plastic pulverizer machine to choose the right quality group, according to the requirements of the machinery to choose the right quality grade, according to the working environment of the plastic pulverizer machine and different seasons to choose the right lubricant brand.

3. Timely maintenance
In the process of using machinery, it is inevitable that there will be various faults. In these failures, the impact of some failures on mechanical equipment may be very small. Some are more serious, even fatal accidents. The occurrence of the fault to be timely processing, the so-called timely processing is in accordance with the maintenance procedures. To carry out regular maintenance and repair of pulverizer machine, various groups of maintenance and repair must be carried out as required.

4. Take correct technical measures and organizational management measures
As industrial plastic pulverizer mills and other pulverizing machinery organization management personnel and operators to do: pay attention to ensure that the machinery in the process of transportation and storage to prevent mechanical damage, deformation, corrosion, etc. Strict mechanical daily maintenance work, so that the machinery is in good technical condition; Operators should be educated to correctly use and operate various construction machinery to reduce and prevent plastic pulverizer failures caused by human error.

Two, how to deal with the plugging of plastic pulverizers machine
1. First of all, after the air is discharged from the blower, the powder material enters the rotating collector at the top of the storage bin through the pipe, and the air return pipe returns to the blower to form air recirculation.
2. Second, the bottom of the collector is equipped with a powder locking device, which can isolate the positive pressure gas from the negative pressure gas of the collector pipe and greatly improve the output.
3. Again, filter the residual air and dust at the bottom of the host machine to the bag filter through the pipe. Dust and other debris are absorbed by the bag filter. The purified air is discharged into the outside world, effectively protecting the environment.
4. but there are many cases, in the process of using plastic grinding equipment, pipeline gambling is also a major setback. Piping is also very important in the production of plastic crushers. We also know how to deal with pipes that are prone to clogging when plastic mill pipes are improperly handled.