How to improve the service life of plastic grinding machine


Plastic grinding machine plays a very important role in the recycling of plastic grinding, the use of the mill maintenance to determine the life of the mill, so we need to pay attention in the daily operation, the following to improve the service life of the plastic mill a detailed description of the problem:

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When operating the plastic mill, you should first check whether the transmission belt is loose, whether the tension is appropriate, turn the bearing seat drive spindle by hand is flexible, there is no abnormality, according to customer requirements to install the screen. The grinding process is fully enclosed, using the air volume and positive pressure of the high-pressure fan to collect the dust in the dust collector, cyclone regularly checked and cleaned, bearings in the weekly addition of the appropriate amount of high-temperature grease, preferably resistant to high temperatures above 190 degrees, machine start-up should be watched by professional operators, by listening and it seems to respond to emergencies, the pipeline through the cooling water should be checked daily to prevent water from entering the pipeline or the inside of the bearings. Regularly check whether the moving knife and fixed knife bolts are loose, the clearance of the grinding plate should be adjusted reasonably according to the size of the material, soft and hard, specific gravity and the amount of water content, taking into account the different materials ground by the customer is best to adjust the speed through the frequency converter, the grinding plate should be checked frequently when using about 500 tons of material, and should be replaced in a timely manner when serious wear and low yield is found.

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