How to reduce the damage of plastic pulverizer blades


Plastic pulverizer machines are generally made of metal that has just been plated, so it can be a metal blade. There are a lot of customers who have a special question of metal blade why he is still so easy to damage it, is it made of poor materials. In fact, we can think about whether metal or other materials will always be worn, so our destructive machine blade is more avoided. Wear. So what we can do is to reduce the wear of the pulverizer blade, how to cut wear is also a problem with many customers.

First, it is to use nanomaterials, the principle of this method is to use nanomaterial to make up the place where it is grinded. We all know that this nano can also be used in this car launch because the nano is a smaller metering unit, our naked eye can’t be seen. And this material can also fill those we don’t see.
Second, it is to apply some lubricants. It can accelerate the operation of the machine and can reduce wear. It is also possible to avoid plastic milling machine blade rust, and can also extend the life of the blade.
Third, it is to solve the problem from the source, try not to use some of the quality of the pulverizer blade, to choose the pulverizer blade, have the following requirements, limited to high temperature, friction, because the pulverizer blade is high-speed rotation, especially Destroy the knife, and these blades will have friction during rotation, while friction will generate heat. The faster the speed, the higher the temperature. The second is that the hardness is large, the hardness is large, and there is a big hitting force, which also destroys one of the technical requirements of the blade.

WANROOETECH Plastic pulverizer disc blades/knives manufacturer
We are a pulverizer blades manufacturer engaged in the plastic recycling field for many years. So we have sufficient experience at material selection, heat treatment and guarantee high precision and longer work life of the plastic pulverizer machine blades.

Plastic Pulverizer Blades Product Application
1. Material: D2,SKD11,HSS,9CRSI,T10.
2. Hardness: HRC56-60 according to customers’ requests.
3. Triple tempt for optimum wear resistance.
4. Precise heat treatment.
5. Excellent cutting longevity and wear resistance.
6. High intensity, high toughness, small thermal deformation.
7. Blades are eliminated unwanted and uncontrollable residual stress.

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