How to replace plastic pulverizer grinding discs and rotating blades


The plastic pulverizer is often used in industrial plastic production, the most important part of the plastic pulverizer is the grinding disc and the cutter, and it will be replaced after using a certain time, so the plastic mill is replaced by the grinding disc and rotating blade?

1. Replace the pulverizer fixed knife: open the door cover, remove the fixed blade block screw, remove the pressing ring to remove the fixed knife, mark the direction and position of the tooth board before, mark the direction of the tooth board, the grinding disc needs to do a good mark, reinstall, According to the original marker and direction, the pressure ring is loaded, and the pressing ring is fixed, and the screw is fixed, ensuring that any screws of the cutter are loose, otherwise the blade will be partially worn, the machine is too large, and the machine is turned Afterwards, the intervals are not below 0.5mm, start the host, and ensure that high-speed operation has no abnormal phenomenon.
2. Replace the pulverizer rotating knife: write down the spindle nut, pull the cutter, remove the knife to install the screw, replace the grinding disk, make the grinding disk fixed lock screw, make sure the tool positioning slot card is on the tool holder plate, Do not shift position, fix all screws, check correctly, if there is a touch knife portion, after grinding, movement, fixed knife clearance shall not be less than 0.3mm, start the host, ensure that the high-speed operation has no abnormal sound.