How to shut down the plastic pulverizer machine?


Plastic pulverizer machine application widely used in chemical, waste recycling, plastic pipe material manufacturing, plastics modification within all kinds of plastic materials such as powder grinding mill pulverizer system formed in the late on century, plastic grinder its grinding principle similar to the traditional old mill grinding principle, application in plastic flour category, has the advantages of low energy consumption, high output characteristics, The grinding material is PVC, PP, PE, PS, PC, PA, ABS and other materials without calcium powder, and can also be used for rubber, plant fiber and other materials. The product model should be different from the manufacturer and the specifications are different, the main models are PNMF-300, PNMF-500, PNMF-600, PNMF-800, PNMP-300 and so on. Wanrooe machinery in the design of grinding disc structure, from the early two ring tooth disc evolution to one ring tooth disc, in the development of double-sided tooth disc, gradually improved wear resistance, but also improved output.

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Plastic Pulverizer Machine Video:

When the plastic pulverizer is shut down, it should be closed in sequence:
1. the plastic pulverizer machine first shut down the feeder to stop feeding;
2. Stop the host about one minute later;
3. Stop the blower after cleaning the residual powder;
4. Then turn off the profiler.
Stop order is: feeder → host → blower → profiler
Note: after conveying material to a certain amount of silo, the hoist stops the crusher first and then stops lifting, which should be changed according to the amount of storage.
5. The plastic pulverizer machine is not allowed to be refueled at will when it is working normally. It is necessary to ensure safe consumption. It is necessary to take out the residual material in the mill when continuing to start up, otherwise, the startup will be affected by the excessive current when starting up.