How to use plastic pulverizer


How to use plastic pulverizer? What should I pay attention to when using the plastic pulverizer? How does the plastic pulverizer hold the compressor? Why is it difficult for plastic pulverizer to produce oily materials?

1. The grinding machine should be placed on a fixed and solid horizontal tabletop or table surface, thick wood is better. There are 4 screw holes in the iron plate of the lower side of the motor. Use long screws to pass through the screw holes to firmly fix the motor iron plate on the desktop or tablet (cabinet). A soft rubber pad between the motor and the table will reduce the vibration and achieve better silence.

2. The motor cover shall also be fixed on the desktop or cabinet, and shall be separated from the motor cover and the motor iron plate, and shall not be close to the iron plate to prevent the vibration and resonance between the plate and the motor cover after starting up and running, and then lock the motor cover with short screws.

3.  Open the cover and fix the grinding disc on the connecting shaft. Press the grinding disc with two thumbs. Cover the cover again, tighten the lock nut, open the power supply, turn on the switch, check whether the plastic pulverizer is running in the specified direction, sound, vibration is normal, if there is abnormal noise or abnormal vibration, should shut down for inspection, troubleshooting problems until normal, to restart.

4. Start the power supply, run for about 1 minute, put the material into the hopper, screw the regulator to the appropriate position, open the cutting baffle, and make the material flow slowly into the grinding chamber. Keep the baffle small, so as not to feed too fast and jam the motor. Ordinary materials are generally ground twice, the first time using rough grinding, the second time using fine grinding.

5. the thickness of the grinding powder depends on the gap between the two grinding pieces, and the gap is controlled by the regulator, according to the thickness indicator on the cover, when the regulator to the fine direction of adjustment, the gap between the two grinding pieces shrink, the grinding powder becomes fine; On the contrary, the grinding powder becomes thick. to control the adjustment range and strength of the regulator can be determined by listening to the sound produced by the friction of the grinding disc and the sound of the motor running. The tighter the grinding disc is, the louder and sharper the sound will be. On the contrary, the grinding surface is not tight or separated, the sound is soft.

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7. the separate grinding of particularly high oil content of materials such as sesame, walnut, peanut, etc., because of the high oil content of such materials, can only be ground into a coarse powder, grinding fine, a lot of oil seeping out, will make the powder into a paste. Therefore, when grinding materials with high oil content, the regulator should not be adjusted too tightly, and the gap between the grinding pieces should be kept slightly close to or even completely separated, in order to grind into a powder (small particle). If the above materials need to be ground very fine, they should be mixed with materials without oil or with low oil content. The ratio between high oil content and low (no) oil content is: 1:4 to 1:5, and the method of grinding should be adopted twice, first rough grinding and second fine grinding.

8. Loading and unloading of dynamic and static grinding pieces: those installed on the grinding disc are dynamic grinding pieces, while those installed in the crushing chamber are static grinding pieces. Remove the three screws that hold the disc, and the disc can be removed. The material of the plastic pulverizer is pig iron, and the hardness of pig iron is 52°. About, hardness, poor elasticity. The screw should not be screwed too tightly to prevent the disc from breaking.

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