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Industrial UPVC PPR Water Pipe Plastic Drainage Pipe Tube Shredder Crusher Machine

Plastic pipe tube recycling shredding machine is used to shred UPVC drainage pipe, UPVC water supply pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, polyethylene (PE) water supply pipe, polypropylene PPR hot water pipe, drainage pipe, exhaust and sewage sanitary pipe, underground drainage pipe system, rainwater pipe and wire installation supporting Threading tube,etc.

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Shredder Crusher Application Areas:

Plastic shredder crusher is used to shred UPVC drainage pipes, UPVC water supply pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, polyethylene (PE) water supply pipes, polypropylene PPR hot water pipes, drainage pipes, exhaust and sewage sanitary pipes, underground drainage pipe systems, rainwater pipe and wire installation supporting Threading tube, etc.
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Shredder Crusher Description:

Plastic shredder crusher is mainly used for various thick-walled waste materials and scraps in the plastic industry. Shredder recycling, for extra thick, tough, large materials (large head material, nozzle material, gate material, large plastic pipe fittings, large diameter thick wall PE pipe, plastic packaging barrels, large bundles of plastic film, large bundles Packing tons of bags, woven bags, roll film, paper, fiber, plastic boxes, plastic trash cans, TV shells, computer shells, printer shells, forklift pallets, plastic pallets, plastic turnover boxes, etc.) can effectively crush and crush, And it is suitable for crushing, crushing and recycling various materials of plastic, rubber, and wood. finally plastic scrap size is about 3-8mm, which can be directly used for injection and extruder machine.


Shredder Crusher Features:

1. Direct output target particle size.
2. Landslide pusher box is more conducive to long-term continuous work and eliminates hidden materials.
3. Save space and cost-effective, compared to buying a shredder or a crusher and a conveyor belt.
4. The DC53 material is used for the shredder and the Cr12MoV is used for the crusher.
5. The main electronic controls are a combination of Siemens and Schneider.
6. Microcomputer technology incorporating rotator speed variations with start, stop, and reverse features.
7. Automatic reverse sensors to protect the machine avoid serious overload and stuck machine.
8. Engineered using split bearing block technology so the blades can be changed quickly and efficiently.
9. Specifically designed rotor to extremely wear-resistant.
10. Rotor teeth can be rotated 4 times before they need changing, lowering running costs and reducing downtime.
11. Extremely versatile machine is able to process a number of different materials.
12. Machinery protection, accord with the European CE standard.

Industrial UPVC PPR Water Pipe Plastic Drainage Pipe Tube Shredder Crusher Machine

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Specification PNDS-600C PNDS-800C PNDS-1000C
Main Motor Powerkw) 15-22 30-45 37-55
Crusher Moter Powerkw) 15 22 37
Shredder Diameter(mm) 320 400 400
Shredder Roter Length(mm) 600 800 1000
Crusher Blades QTY 18+2×2 24+2×2 30+2×2
Shredder Blades QTY 32+2×2 38+2×2 58+2×2
End Plastic Scraps Size(mm) 3-8 3-8 3-8