LDPE Polyethylene Plastic Pulverizer Grinder Mill Machine


What is LDPE?
Low density polyethylene, also known as high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE), is the lightest variety of polyethylene resin, milky white, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, matt surface waxy particles. It has good softness, extensibility, electrical insulation, transparency, easy processing and certain air permeability. Its chemical stability is good, alkali resistance, resistance to general organic solvents. Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is the industry’s workforce and is used in a variety of applications, from lining bags and food storage bags to bundle-shrinkable films, as well as providing options for soft tactile packaging, LIDS and closures, plastic toys and more.


Characteristics of LDPE
Low density polyethylene has the following characteristics:
(1) The film is slightly milky white and transparent, soft. The strength is less than that of HDPE and the impact strength is greater than that of HDPE.
(2) cold resistance, low temperature and high-temperature resistance. Thicker films can withstand the sterilization process by soaking in hot water at 90℃.
(3) moisture-proof performance is better, stable chemical properties, insoluble in general solvents.
(4) has a large air permeability, so it is used as easy to oxidize food packaging, the storage period of its contents should not be too long.
(5) poor oil resistance, products can be slowly dissolved. When packing fatty foods, they will have a rancid taste after long storage.
(6) Long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation and heat will be aging, affecting its physical properties and dielectric properties.
(7) melting point is 110~115℃, the processing temperature is 150~210℃ if an inert gas, the temperature can reach 300℃ is still stable. However, it is easy to degrade the melt by contact with oxygen.

Application scope of low density polyethylene: suitable for seasoning, cakes, sugar, candied fruit, biscuits, milk powder, tea, fish floss, and another food packaging. Packaging for tablets, powders and other drugs, packaging for shirts, clothing, knitted cotton products and chemical fiber products and other fiber products. Washing powder, detergent, cosmetics and other daily chemical products packaging. Due to the poor mechanical properties of single-layer PE film, it is usually used as the inner layer of composite packaging bags, that is, the heat-sealing substrate of the multi-layer composite film.

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LDPE Plastic Pulverizer:
LDPE Plastic Pulverizer of the PNMF series is available with disc diameter from 300 to 800 mm. These plastic pulverizer machines are high-speed, precision grinders for the processing of medium-hard, impact-resistant and friable materials. The material to be pulverized is introduced through the center of a vertically fixed grinding disc which is mounted concentrically with an identical high-speed rotating disc. Centrifugal force carries the material through the grinding area and the resulting powder is collected with a blower and cyclone system. Depending on the application the machines can be equipped with one-piece grinding discs or grinding segments.
The plastic pulverizer machine is mainly composed of an electric motor, disc-type blade, feeding fan, vibrating sieve, dust removing system, etc.
According to the customer’s needs, you can choose some accessories, such as a converter, vacuum loader, screw loader, magnetic net, metal separator, chiller, pulse dust collector, metering and weighing packaging machine, etc.

LDPE Plastic Pulverizer Video:

LDPE pulverizer machine features:
1)LDPE pulverizer machine overall structure is strong, the overall structure of the machine is compact and strong, can be used permanently.
2)LDPE pulverizer machine long service life, wear resistance is stronger than the ordinary mill, the life of the grinding disc is 2 times of the ordinary grinding disc, cost-saving.
3)LDPE pulverizer machine is widely used. Due to the unique grinding effect of this mill, it can grind a variety of plastics. Such as PVC, PE, EVA, ABS, LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, EPS, PS and other plastics.
4)LDPE pulverizer machine maintenance is convenient, open the door cover can be cleaned, simple and convenient.
5)LDPE pulverizer machine fully automatic operation, automatic feeding, discharging.
6)LDPE grinding confidential closed structure, the grinding process is fully enclosed, no dust leakage.