Long-term Partners to China to Communicate


For the first time in 2015, Arizona customers learned about our products and bought our rubber mill.The machine is composed of crushing main engine, cyclone collection mechanism and complete set of electrical equipment.The main engine is the frame, main motor, infinitely variable speed motor, feeding mechanism, adjusting mechanism and a pair of moving abrasive disc and fixed grinding disk.The basic principle is to use the relative motion of two grinding disks, to cut and grind the material to achieve the purpose of crushing.Adopting the wind and water cooling to effectively control the crushing temperature to ensure the quality of the crushed material.The feed mechanism USES infinitely variable speed, can adjust the feed speed according to different materials, and achieve the best product requirement.Tyre crusher mainly deal with waste tires and other related waste material, suitable for grinding, wire tire, steel wire tyre (radial tyre), and all sorts of waste rubber products or leftover material, making it the powder, and achieve the required fineness.The structure is compact, low noise, high output, low energy consumption, simple operation, easy dismantling and installation, no environmental pollution, and the resulting powder fine uniformity.Waste rubber powder grinding unit is currently on the market all kinds of small rubber mill to change generation product, it is made up of crusher, mill by the automatic feeding, automatic transmission, automatic milling, automatic screen to send, automatic dust removal parts, such as one-stop production.It has overcome the disadvantages of low yield and high intensity of labor, can not handle the rubber of tyre and can not produce continuously, can process all kinds of old rubber.

From then on, we became a long-term cooperative partnership.Not only went to China for field trips, but also bought other machines.In order to promote friendly cooperation between the two companies this summer, our company invited them to visit China.Our senior leaders personally receive and invite them to the local specialty restaurant to sample Chinese food.