Matters needed in the use of plastic mill pulverizer machine


Plastic mill is suitable for the production of large and small plastic mills in the use of the process, it is difficult to avoid this or that problem, affecting the quality of finished products and work progress. How to avoid these problems, the standard operation and daily maintenance of the mill are particularly important.

To choose a plastic mill, we must choose a strong professional manufacturer to avoid the problems in the process of plastic grinding, reduce all kinds of failures, and improve the production efficiency of enterprises. Before buying a plastic mill and applying it in actual production, please be sure to adjust the gap of the mill roller before starting the machine to ensure that the belt tightness of the plastic mill is appropriate.

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Before starting the machine, remove the sundries inside and around the machine, rotate each part by hand, check the tensioning degree of triangle belt and chain, small plastic mill, and whether the fasteners are firm and normal lubrication. When using, please run the plastic mill for a few minutes to check whether there is any loose place in the plastic mill. If there are loose places after inspection, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately and adjust the clearance of the grinding roller and the tightness of the belt again.

The working principle of plastic grinder structure determines the mill and a millstone to some material may not be high-temperature operation for a long time, because the melting point of some plastic is very low, once due to plastic grinder temperature is too high, lead to plastic flow into the plastic grinder with liquefaction, all melted material sticking on the mill is very difficult to clean up, users must pay attention to in the process of using.

In the process of using the mill, there should be fixed and must have a certain technical level of the staff responsible for the guard, before the installation of the mill, the operator needs to carry out strict technical training, so that they understand the principle of the mill function, understanding the operation procedures. In order to make the mill work normally, the equipment “maintenance and maintenance safety control rail system” should be formulated to ensure the long-term safe operation of the mill, and necessary inspection tools and grease accessories should be provided at the same time.

The milling efficiency of plastic mill production line is more concern by the majority of customers. The operation of plastic mill can make the milling process achieve twice the result with half the effort. In order to ensure the long-term and stable milling effect of the PE plastic mill, it is necessary to operate the equipment correctly. Plastic mill production line in the application will be affected by a variety of external factors, the performance of the equipment itself, plastic mill models are diverse, various, different series of plastic mill production line can achieve powder effect is also different. Plastic mill can be applied to a variety of ore milling processes, the hardness of different materials and material characteristics are different, which leads to different grinding effects of plastic mill production line. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the right PE plastic mill production line before purchasing pulverizing equipment according to the characteristics of the material, so as to meet the needs of the process.