Medicine Blister Pack

Aluminum-plastic bag is a collection of packaging advantages in package products, low cost, fine printing; The product has anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, moistureproof, oxygen shading, cold resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, freshness, oxygen easy sealing and so on.
Aluminum-plastic packaging bags may sound very strange, but in fact, in life, these packaging bags can be seen everywhere.
Packing of tablets: mainly composed of shell pressed by plastic mold and aluminum foil;
Tetra Pak bag: generally composed of paper, aluminum foil, plastic film;
Food packaging bag: generally plastic outer layer, aluminum foil, plastic film composition;
Vacuum packing belt: generally aluminum foil, plastic film composition.
We generally need to first break the aluminum bag into 3-8mm particles, and then get the mixed powder of plastic and aluminum through the PNMP pulverizer, and then get the plastic powder and aluminum powder through electrostatic separation. The PNMP Pulverizer structure blade is cheaper. It uses high-speed impact and cutting. Due to the difference in shrinkage of aluminum and plastic, plastic film and aluminum film are separated!
PNMF Pulverizer can also be used in the production of tablet aluminum plastic, but the blade wears fast, but the output is high! PNMP Pulverizers are more widely used, so there are no worries!