PA PA6 PA66 PA12 Polyamide Nylon Plastic Pulverizer Grinder


What is PA?
Polyamide is commonly known as Nylon, and its English name is Polyamide (PA for short). The main varieties of Nylon are PA6 and PA66, which are absolutely dominant, followed by PA11, PA12, PA610 and PA612. In addition, there are PA1010, PA46, PA7, PA9 and PA13. The new varieties include PA6I, PA9T and special PA MXD6 (barrier resin). Nylon is the most important engineering plastics, and its output ranks first among the five general engineering plastics. PA has good comprehensive properties, including mechanical properties, heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance and self-lubrication, and low coefficient of friction, a certain flame retardancy, easy to process, suitable for glass fiber and other fillers to enhance the modification, improve performance and expand the scope of application.
There are many varieties of PA, including PA6, PA66, PALL, PA12, PA46, PA610, PA612, PA1010, as well as many new varieties of semi-aromatic nylon PA6T and special nylon developed in recent years. Nylon-6 plastic products can use metal sodium, sodium hydroxide as the main catalyst, N-acetyl-caprolactam as the co-catalyst, so that Δ-caprolactam directly in the model through the negative ion ring-opening polymerization and prepared, known as cast nylon. This method facilitates the manufacture of large plastic parts.

Polyamide is mainly used for synthetic fibers. Its most prominent advantage is that the wear resistance is higher than all other fibers, which is 10 times higher than the wear resistance of cotton and 20 times higher than that of wool. The wear resistance can be greatly improved by adding some polyamide fibers into the blended fabric. When stretched to 3-6%, the elastic recovery rate can reach 100%; It can withstand tens of thousands of flexures without breaking.
The strength of polyamide fiber is 1-2 times higher than cotton, 4-5 times higher than wool, and 3 times higher than viscose fiber. But polyamide fiber heat resistance and light resistance is poor, retention is not good, made of clothes as clean and crisp as polyester. Used clothing of nylon – 66 and nylon – 6 is the poor hygroscopicity and dyeing of, therefore developed new varieties of polyamide fiber, nylon – 3 and a new type of polyamide fibre, polyamide – 4 is qualitative light, anti-wrinkle, permeability is good, and good durability, dyeing, and heat setting etc, therefore is considered to be very promising.
This kind of product is widely used. It is a good material of plastic instead of steel, iron, copper and other metals. It is an important engineering plastic. Cast nylon is widely used to replace wear-resistant parts of machinery and equipment, and to replace copper and alloy as wear-resistant parts of equipment. Suitable for making wear-resisting parts, transmission structure parts, household appliances parts, automobile parts, screw preventing machinery parts, chemical machinery parts, chemical equipment. Such as turbine, gear, bearing, impeller, crank, instrument panel, drive shaft, valve, blade, screw rod, high pressure washer, screw, nut, seal ring, shuttle, sleeve, sleeve connector, etc.
Replace metals such as copper
Because polyamide has non-toxic, light weight, excellent mechanical strength, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, so it is widely used to replace copper and other metals in machinery, chemical industry, instrument, automobile and other industries to manufacture bearings, gears, pump blades and other parts. Polyamide has high strength after melting and spinning into silk. It is mainly used as synthetic fiber and medical suture.
Used for all kinds of medical and knitwear
In civilian use, can be blended or pure spinning into a variety of medical and knitwear. Nylon filament is mostly used in knitting and silk industry, such as knitted single stockings, elastic stockings and other wear-resistant nylon socks, nylon gauze, mosquito nets, nylon lace, elastic nylon coat, various nylon silk or woven silk products. Polyamide staple fiber is mostly used with wool or other chemical fiber wool products blended into a variety of wear-resistant clothing materials.
In industry, nylon is widely used to manufacture cord, industrial cloth, cable, conveyor belt, tents, fishing nets and so on. Mainly used for parachutes and other military fabrics in national defense.

PA Pulverizer Description:
PA plastic particles need to be ground into powder by a mill and used in a re-extruder. Some PA plastic waste can also be shredded and reground to make new plastic products. For different PA particles, we can provide two grinding schemes. The first one is to use our PNMP plastic mill, and the other one is a low temperature mill, which costs a little more and requires nitrogen. The PA disc grinding pulverizer machine of the PNMF series is available with disc diameter from 300 to 800 mm. These plastic pulverizer machines are high speed, precision grinders for the processing of medium hard, impact resistant and friable materials. The material to be pulverized is introduced through the centre of a vertically fixed grinding disc which is mounted concentrically with an identical high speed rotating disc. Centrifugal force carries the material through the grinding area and the resulting powder is collected with a blower and cyclone system. Depending on the application the machines can be equipped with one piece grinding discs or grinding segments.
The plastic pulverizer machine is mainly composed of electric motor, disc type blade, feeding fan, vibrating sieve, dust removing system, etc.
According to the customer’s needs, you can choose some accessories, such as converter, vacuum loader, screw loader, magnetic net, metal separator, chiller, pulse dust collector, metering and weighing packaging machine, etc.


Technical Features:
1. The new disc design is of high quality, strong resistance and the life of this grinding disc is double the ordinary ones.
2. The newly designed professional bearings, is with a high rotation rate. At the same time using only one drive motor, ensure an efficient grinding crash, which greatly saves the time of machine operation and engineering control.
3. Easy installation and maintenance, just open the door to clean up.
4. The whole milling process is sealed, without dust leakage.
5. Full automatic design, automatically feeding, discharging and sorting.
6. Grinding gap adjustment is simple, just use the feeler gauge and adjust bolts can be fine tuning.
7. The mill use the water and wind double cooling system, Prevent bearing and other parts from overheating.
8. Using Well-known brand accessories, such as SKF bearings and Siemens motors, can work for a long time, saving the trouble of changing accessories frequently.
9. With a wide range of optional accessories, professional solutions can be developed based on the customer’s budget and processing requirements.