Plastic Grinder for Waste Plastic Recycling


WANROOETECH are engaged in manufacturing a broad range of Plastic Grinder. Plastic Grinder has an integrated body. The range is sturdy and durable and offers excellent performance even after prolonged use. This heavy-duty bearing and dust protection device has a sound-proof board that can prevent vibration and noise effectively. In addition, the overloading protector on the motor and interlock protection device on the power source offers double protection for the safety of human beings and motor.

WANROOETECH Granulating and recycling series of Plastic Crusher paddle blades type are widely used for crushing various defectives, wastes and offcuts made of soft or hard plastics in the block, ball or bar shapes. It plays an important role in increasing the availability of plastics. It is a necessity in plastics.

Technical Features:
1. This Series crusher machine adopts imported high-quality tool steel, special cutting-tool. The installation of the cutting tool can be adjusted. The cutting tool can be sharpened again and again, Its use life is very long.
2. The moving cutting knife stand is a step designing to make cutting force resolve and increase the cutting force times.
3. The cutting tool adopts imported SKD11 material and is treated with special technology, which is more durable.
4. The shaft is made of high level steel.
5. Claw knife structure design, stronger crushing force.
6. Feed hopper of crusher uses optimization design and special rust-proof treatment, avoiding the leakage and pollution of the material during the process of crushing.
7. The product design is scientific and reasonable and conforms to the European CE standard.
8. The unique cooling water circulation system will bring the heat produced by the machine to the outside of the machine, which can effectively avoid comminution agglomeration.

Plastic Bottle Crushing Machine, PETE Granulator, HDPE Granulator, PC Granulator, PS Granulator,Plastic Drum Granulator

Application Areas:
This plastic crusher is specially designed for crushing all kinds of thick-wall resin, timber, aluminum foil in the shape of film, sheet, runner, tubular construction or hollow container. The crushing material includes PVC, PP, PE, PET, EVA, PC, Sponge, etc.