Plastic grinding machine rust removal methods


Plastic grinding machine should be processed to cause wear and oxidation, over time will rust, if not remove rust will have an impact on the use of equipment, you can use lubricant coating or directly coat with a layer of paint, followed by the usual use of the environment to keep dry, high-intensity workload, or bearing in the processing of pollution, etc., will affect the life of the plastic grinding machine bearings.

Plastic grinding machine rust causes and rust removal methods

1. Plastic grinding machine processing materials. PE plastic mill processing materials are relatively wide, but there are many materials that are strongly corrosive. And, the material in the lower channel and tool grinding disc above certain friction wear, and then through oxidation directly lead to machine wear and oxidation, directly resulting in the phenomenon of rust.

2. the operation of the staff improper and caused by the PE plastic grinding machine in each processing, to clean the work. The reason is that some materials are corrosive, if the mill processing is not done in time to clean the work, will directly lead to material corrosion machine.

3. poor working environment. the basic requirements of the PE plastic grinding machine working environment are dry, closed. If the mill works in a humid environment, it will directly lead to oxidation and rusting of the metal shell of the equipment.

4. the rust of the mill equipment will not only affect the performance but also reduce the service life. The general working environment of the mill is relatively harsh, and often rainy weather. The machine works in a humid environment for a long time will lead to rust, the user must pay attention to this problem. Preventing the rust of the mill can be applied to the surface of the machine lubricant, and then can be in the surface of the machine brush a layer of paint. Make iron and air isolation, so that it will not and the water in the air chemical reaction.

5. we know that some of the grinding machine equipment is in indoor production, some is in outdoor production. And installed in the outdoor mill is not often moved, its anti-rust measures can be reduced. But the outdoor lubrication track must be often maintained, oiled, to reduce the wear and tear of the machine. And the machine indoors is not often moved, indoor water vapor is more, so anti-rust work must be done.

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