Plastic Mill Installation Details and Operation


With the in-depth and environmental understanding of humans, the environment is the view of resources, and it is increasingly accepting people. Plastic with paper. This composite material is easy to see in daily life. The plastic steel doors and window sandwich in the construction industry is the metal material is to enhance the support of plastics, but during the recovery process, the separation difficulties of the two materials are relatively large, and the time required is very long. Many manufacturers will use a plastic mill to break the exhaust gas items and recycle them.

The characteristic cooling system of the plastic mill is cooled in a cooling system. The whole plastic mill is completely sealed, with no dust pollution; high yield, friction, energy-saving and environmental protection; installation and maintenance are convenient, open the door cover to clean.

1. The whole steel welding machine is firm and durable.

2, the spindle is thick, the processing precision is high, the operation is smooth, the life is long

3, imported chrome steel double-sided blade knife, blade sharp, can be used, lasting durable.

4, the tool holder optimization design, the tool holder spiral distribution, the degree of effort to reduce the shock when the shock is reduced so that the crushing shear of the knife is greater.

The application range and performance of the automatic plastic grinding machine is used to process grinding thermoplastic PVC and PE plastic recovery grains, and it is also possible to carry out fine abrasive equipment for plastics, mines, chemicals, metallurgical and other industries. High yield, low energy consumption, energy-saving, no dust pollution. The product has a high yield low energy consumption, for milling polyethylene PE, polyvinyl chloride PVC, polypropylene PP, polystyrene PS, ABS, and other material processing. The design is reasonable, and the material is immediately being captured and grinded, and the material of the material in the abrasive chamber is avoided, which avoids the material heating decomposition, there is a higher yield.

WANROOETECH’s PNMF plastic mill uses new technologies, the spindle transmission part uses circulating water cooling, the Japanese SK bearings, 304 stainless steel grinding chamber boxes, venting pipes and discharge pipes are made of 304 stainless steel, equipped with contained vessels to be removed, grinding disc gap With screw adjustment, the operation is convenient, and the accuracy is high without opening the grinding disc. Premature plastic mill

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1. In order to make the plastic milling machine is normal, the equipment “equipment maintenance safety operation system” can ensure long-term safe operation of the plastic mill, while necessary for maintenance tools and grease and corresponding accessories.

2. When the grinding roller device of the plastic mill is replaced by more than 500 hours, the rolls in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damper should be replaced in time, and the fuel tool can be manually refueled.

3, the plastic milling machine is in the process of use, there should be fixed personnel responsible for the operation, and the operator must have a certain level of technology. Plastic milling machines must make the necessary technical training to operators before installation, making them understand the principles of the plastic mill, familiar with the operating procedures.

4. After using a plastic mill, it should be maintained for a period of time. At the same time, the wear parts such as the mill grinding knife and the wear parts are maintained. The grinding roll device should be carefully examined before and after use, to see if there is a loose phenomenon, and the lubricating grease is full.