Plastic pulverizer grinding chamber verticality detection method


In order to prevent the plastic pulverizer cutter from being installed in the grinding chamber eccentric and bumped into, the verticality of the grinding chamber needs to be tested, the specific testing methods are as follows.

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Plastic pulverizer machine box in the welded after the need to finish the inner hole on both sides of the box on a large boring machine, the concentricity of the test, shaft detection consistent plane within the axis of the two vertical holes perpendicularity of this method distinguishes between one end with 90 degrees of the inspection mandrel stabbed into the inspected hole, and make contact with the vertical surface of the two inspection mandrels, and then use a plug ruler to test, such as the face does not fit, the gap value is the verticality of the axis of the two holes error.

This method is to test the perpendicularity of the two vertical hole axes in the same plane with the 90° angle ruler in the guide sleeve together with the piercing into a hole, the boring bar into another hole that has been processed, the 90° angle ruler and the inspection mandrel and boring bar to fit, and then use the plug gauge to test the 90° angle ruler contact surface clearance, the measured clearance is the error of perpendicularity of the two-hole axes.

Use the inspection mandrel and the percentage table to detect the perpendicularity of the two vertical hole axes that are not in the same plane. In this method, the inspection mandrel is inserted into a hole with the guide sleeve, and the boring bar is inserted into another hole that has been processed, and a percentage table is installed on the boring bar. When measuring, use the manual make the spindle change, drive the percentage table to measure the reading value of the two measuring points of the mandrel, the verticality correction needs to take the average of the upper and lower values for the verticality error of the two hole axes.