Plastic Pulverizer Maintenance Guide


For the plastic pulverizer maintenance, there are still some new customers who do not know how to maintain the plastic pulverizer, plastic pulverizer maintenance will increase the service life of the equipment, to prevent the occurrence of equipment failure.


As a post-process of plastic crusher, plastic pulverizer machine mainly plays the role of grinding small pieces of plastic into powder form. It is widely used in the chemical industry, waste recycling, wood processing, pipe manufacturing, PVC wallboard, stone plastic flooring and other plastic materials grinding and processing. WANROOE’s Machinery Equipment Factory mainly deals with knife plate mill and throwing knife mill, according to the use scenario, coarse and fine grinding requirements, and the size of daily grinding volume demand. Recommend users to use different types of equipment. Twenty years of research and development design and production-oriented, to many customers to provide grinding machine equipment, are satisfied.

Due to the long working hours of the plastic pulverizer machine, long-time load equipment will inevitably have some failure problems, how can we avoid small failures that lead to equipment paralysis, what are the solutions? Here we analyze how to maintain plastic pulverizer maintenance from several angles.


1, regularly open the mill cabin door, check the wear of the easy-to-wear mill rotor blade, circumferential fixed knife tooth plate and other parts of the degree of wear, and always pay attention to the replacement of worn parts, the situation is unknown if to promptly contact WANROOE’s machinery consulting, we provide 24-hour consulting services.


2, the mill after the end of the day’s work after the shift stops before the start cycle, you need to check whether the various parts of the equipment are normal, whether the cabin is blocked, whether there is loose and so on.


3, After the mill is turned on, attention should be paid to whether the equipment is shaking and whether the bearings are rattling when idling. Any problems may lead to the paralysis of the equipment. For the use of equipment personnel pre-production training is very important, so customers can maintain good communication with us.

4, If there is an impact sound during operation, the machine should be stopped immediately to check whether there is any metal foreign body accidentally flowing into the interior of the mill cabin.


5, around the inlet, dust and other things should be removed to avoid serious accidents with the machine in materials that cannot be crushed.


6, plastic pulverizer machine in addition to the mainframe, there is a post-mechanism to pump out the grinding material. The body is mainly stainless steel. Equipment will shake when running resulting in wheel hoops being prone to loosening, so check often.


7, plastic grinding machine formally put into production use, to feed evenly, the material is not too large, not easy too much, so as not to block. You can use the strong plastic crusher designed by WANROOE’s machinery, the equipment has a high output, of the block material is uniform, WANROOE’s machinery uses flow control, to prevent the plastic mill overload work. Usually, paying attention to more maintenance of plastic grinding machine equipment, can increase the service life of the plastic mill, and also ensure that the mill will not have an accident or failure. WANROOE’s machinery specializes in the production of plastic grinding machines.

Plastic Pulverizer Maintenance Guide

8, regular maintenance of equipment, to ensure that the lubrication of machinery can largely reduce mechanical failure. Therefore, a reasonable choice of lubricant, according to the structure of the equipment, the working environment and different seasons to choose the correct lubricant. It is recommended not to use low-grade lubricant because of cheap, not to mention the use of inferior quality products.


If you still have questions about the maintenance of your plastic mill, you can always contact us via the form below, describing the problem you have encountered, and our technical team will contact you as soon as possible.