Plastic Pulverizer with Segment Blades or Disc The Resistance is Smaller When You Grind it


Our pulverizing systems, are high capacity systems for the profitable pulverizing of thermoplastic and other heat sensitive materials such as LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE, as well as other heat sensitive thermoplastics such as PP and EVA without the added cooling of nitrogen.The material to be pulverized is introduced through the centre of a vertically fixed grinding disc which is mounted concentrically with an identical high speed rotating disc.Centrifugal force carries the material through the grinding area and the resulting powder is collected with a blower and cyclone system. Depending on the application the machines can be equipped with one piece grinding discs or grinding segments.

Plastic Pulverizer Blades, Segment Blades, Pulverizer Blade, Plastic Mill Blade, Plastic Grinder Blade

But most of the ingredients are not very high melting, and when ground by grinding mill, the friction produces a lot of heat to make the powder clumping.The blade of this machine is different, it is a single row of blade.When grinding powder, the grinding resistance is greatly reduced, it is not easy to generate heat, and the grinding process is guaranteed.

Plastic Pulverizer Blades, Segment Blades, Pulverizer Blade, Plastic Mill Blade, Plastic Grinder Blade

We have a huge advantage in this machine,in the process, the grinding chamber sucks in a large amount of air, which cools the machine and delivers the powder.The fineness of the crush depends on the predetermined material, the shape and size of the mesh, and the amount of material and air.This product structure is compact and reasonable, moderate volume, and with low consumption, high efficiency, stable rotation, low noise, reliable sealing, no dust pollution, the cold function is good, simple installation, easy disassembly are easy to fix, change the damaged pieces is convenient wait for a characteristic.The whole grinding process of this machine is completely closed, no dust leakage, and the cleaning of the material can be maintained by opening the door cover.So German customers come to our company to learn more about our products.


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