Plastic Pulverizing Machine’s Advantages and Working Principle


The plastic pulverizing machine is mainly used for material grinding and crushing equipment, but also needs to have a series of equipment such as a feeder, vibrating screen, and crusher, the plastic pulverizing machine is widely used in a variety of plastics (polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, paraformaldehyde, etc.), rubber, and other materials grinding powder.

Plastic Pulverizing Machine's Advantages and Working Principle

The bearings of the plastic pulverizing machine adopt high sealing bearings, and the structure design of the grinding disc (knife disc) increases the service life by more than 60%. It is the ideal equipment for processing and grinding thermoplastic, aluminum and plastic materials, and can grind PVC, PE, PP and other materials.


The main structure of the plastic pulverizing machine is equipped with rolling bearings at both ends to support the spindle. The motor drives the spindle and the turbine is fastened on the spindle to rotate at high speed through the belt drive. The turbine and the grinding block on the sieve circle, forming a reasonable and compact structure, is the raw material entering the machine, in the rotating airflow closely friction and airflow impact, occur on the inner edge of the turbine’s blade, and in the gap between the blade and the grinding block, grinding again, in the process, the turbine sucked in a large amount of air, played a cooling machine grinding material, the purpose of transmitting fine powder. The actual fineness of the grind obtained also depends on the intended material, the shape and size of the sieve holes, and the amount of material and air passing through.


The plastic pulverizing machine has a compact and reasonable structure, moderate volume, and features low energy consumption, high efficiency, stable rotation, low noise, reliable sealing, no dust pollution, good self-cooling function, simple installation, easy disassembly and repair, and convenient exchange of damaged parts. The whole grinding process of the machine is fully enclosed, with no dust leakage, and when changing the material to clean up, you only need to open the door cover to maintain.

Working principle of the plastic pulverizing machine

When working, the material enters the host cavity through the feeder, and absorbs a large amount of air through the high-speed rotation of the blades on the rotor, the material is inhaled by the feed inlet and air together, and the material and airflow are rotated with the high-speed rotor, which is evenly distributed to the crushing chamber by the rotor turbine peripheral blades, and the material is impacted by high-speed rotational collision in the high-speed rotating airflow, and then due to the strong air vortex, the material is instantly Crushing.


Finished materials in the high-pressure wind power through the back end of the rotor screen will reach the screen aperture requirements of the material, through the high-pressure fan pumped to the screening device, does not meet the requirements of the return to the crushing chamber crushed again, so that the material in the airflow and mechanical double action, can obtain uniform particles, particle size distribution range of small products.


In this process, the outer end of the blade on the rotor turbine line speeds up to about 90m / s. A large amount of air is drawn into the machine through the high-pressure fan during operation, which plays the dual role of cooling the machine and the material and transmitting the finished material. The machine and the general crusher is different, not only using the impact or shear force and other simple crushing force for crushing but also the use of the numerous ultra-high-speed vortex generated behind the blade and the resulting high-speed ultrasonic pressure and high-frequency vibration effect will be crushed raw materials, while the host tooth plate (grinding block) has a variety of models such as V-shaped, U-shaped, oblique triangular type, can be replaced according to the nature of the crushed material, so it can Crush brittle materials. And it can also crush sticky, elastic, fibrous, non-ferrous metals and other materials completely. In addition, the machine cooling system is a combination of air-cooled and water-cooled, the temperature of the material in the machine rarely rises, so the heat-sensitive plastic can also be completely crushed. The fineness of material crushing mainly depends on the size of the screen aperture at the back end of the rotor.

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