Plastic Slippers Shredder Granulator Pulverizer


Plastic slippers granulator 
Slippers on the market can be plastic or rubber. Plastic slippers are a kind of plastic shoes. Nowadays, people are increasingly encouraged to use recycled shoes. If plastic slippers are made of recycled plastic, it does help keep the plastic away from the ocean and landfills. For the recycling of plastic slippers, the plastic slippers pelletizing machine is a good size reduction machine in the whole process.

Plastic slippers recycling
Many new and old brands made of recycled materials will launch more styles. plastic. We all know that PET plastic is the original material for making plastic bottles. For plastic slippers, it can be made of polypropylene plastic and has a rubber bottom. Both polypropylene and rubber can be recycled. Therefore, it is necessary to turn discarded plastic and rubber into valuable new products. But how to recycle these slippers with recyclable materials?

First, you need to separate recyclable and non-recyclable materials.
Second, you need to separate different types of recyclable materials, such as polypropylene plastic and rubber. Because different materials will have different recycling solutions or processes.
Third, you can use matching recycling line equipment to transfer different recyclable materials to different facilities. Taking polypropylene plastic as an example, after collecting a large amount of polypropylene plastic, it will be sorted, cleaned, shredded or pelletized, and then melt-processed. Finally, small plastic particles will be processed into new products through CNC, injection, thermoforming or crimping.

WANROOETECH Plastic Slippers Granulator
WANROOETECH’s plastic granulator has many models to choose from. Different capacities, rotors and cutter designs can be provided to meet the downsizing requirements of each customer. The recycling of plastic slippers can help release plastic waste from the ocean and landfills. Therefore, the plastic slippers granulator plays an important role in reducing the size to crush the slippers into small recyclable plastic particles. Therefore, please send your own broken requirements to the WANROOETECH team, and we will tailor your requirements according to the specific situation.