Plastic Waste Pulverizer Machine For Sale


What is plastic waste pulverizer?
Waste plastic can be seen everywhere in our daily life, such as plastic film, trays, pet bottles, plastic shells, cable shells, etc. can be crushed into small pieces of 3-12mm by the plastic crusher, and then ground by the waste plastic pulverizer machine, and finally get plastic powder can be used to make new plastic, we provide a variety of solutions, welcome customers to consult at any time!

Plastic Waste Pulverizer Machine Description:
Plastic Waste Pulverizer Machine For Sale of the PNMF series is available with disc diameter from 300 to 800 mm. These plastic pulverizer machines are high speed, precision grinders for the processing of medium-hard, impact-resistant and friable materials. The material to be pulverized is introduced through the center of a vertically fixed grinding disc which is mounted concentrically with an identical high-speed rotating disc. Centrifugal force carries the material through the grinding area and the resulting powder is collected with a blower and cyclone system. Depending on the application the machines can be equipped with one-piece grinding discs or grinding segments.
The plastic waste pulverizer machine is mainly composed of an electric motor, disc-type blade, feeding fan, vibrating sieve, dust removing system, etc.
According to the customer’s needs, you can choose some accessories, such as a converter, vacuum loader, screw loader, magnetic net, metal separator, chiller, pulse dust collector, metering and weighing packaging machine, etc.

Plastic Waste Pulverizer Machine Video:

Plastic Waste Pulverizer Machine Technical Features:
1. The new disc design is of high quality, strong resistance and the life of this grinding disc is double the ordinary ones.
2. The newly designed professional bearings is with a high rotation rate. At the same time using only one drive motor, to ensure the efficient grinding crash, which greatly saves the time of machine operation and engineering control.
3. Easy installation and maintenance, just open the door to clean up.
4. The whole milling process is sealed, without dust leakage.
5. Full automatic design, automatically feeding, discharging and sorting.
6. Grinding gap adjustment is simple, just use the feeler gauge and adjusting bolts can be fine-tuning.
7. The mill uses the water and wind double cooling system, Prevent bearing and other parts from overheating.
8. Well-known brand accessories, such as SKF bearings and Siemens motors, can work for a long time, saving the trouble of changing accessories frequently.
9. With a wide range of optional accessories, professional solutions can be developed based on the customer’s budget and processing requirements.

Plastic Waste Pulverizer Machine Components:

Plastic Waste Pulverizer Machine components

Plastic Waste Pulverizer Machine Application Areas:
The PNMF series automatic plastic waste pulverizer mill is a disk-type plastic pulverizer, which has the advantages of high capacity and low power, This machine can be used for powder processing of PE, HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, EVA, PET, PVC, PBT nylon and other materials.
PNMF series plastic waste pulverizer machines can process powder sizes up to 20-120 mesh.

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