PS Extruded Plastic Board Pulverizer Machine


PS extruded plastic board pulverizer machine is a kind of knife plate mill, grinding cavity is installed with a high-speed rotating blade disc, like the blades of a fan, the external installation of a circle of fixed knife with teeth, the material in the grinding cavity is driven by the moving knife, in the fixed and moving knife collision, friction, extrusion into powder, fixed and moving knife are made of alloy one-time casting, moving knife for the symmetrical structure can be turned over four sides to use, the PS extruded plastic board mill Suitable for brittle materials, such as PS foam board, squeeze plastic board and other plastics or plastic compounds.

PS Extruded Plastic Board Pulverizer Machine

PS Extruded Plastic Board Pulverizer Machine Characteristics:
1, automatic frame structure, coarse material automatically back to the plastic pulverizer, plastic grinding speed.

2, low cost of blades, longer life after the use of alloy steel.

3, using less labor, one person can easily manage 1 machine, greatly saving labor costs.

4, Adopt air-cooling and water-cooling methods, good cooling effect, not easy to paste material, wider use.

5, Multi-bearing design, can effectively protect the blade so that the blade is not damaged when the bearing is damaged.

6, By quickly changing the vibrating sieve screen, it can get different fineness of the plastic powder.


PS Extruded Plastic Board Pulverizer Machine Application:

1, all kinds of PVC pipes, PVC building materials, PVC stone plastic board, PVC wood plastic board and other PVC chemical products.

2, circuit board, aluminum-plastic board, aluminum-plastic film, and grinding powder after the use of the sorting machine may be separated from the metal particles.

3, trademark paper, trademark paper grinding powder should be used in combination with the group machine, which can effectively improve the output.

4, all kinds of PS foam board, extruded plastic board.

5, rubber cable, EVA foam material, etc.

PS Extruded Plastic Board Pulverizer Machine Configuration:
Main components: grinding mainframe, vibrating screen, main motor, transmission system, frame, vibrating feeder, feeding fan, cyclone separator, shutdown fan, hopper, dust collector, electric control cabinet, feeding pipeline, etc.

Stainless steel parts: feeding pipe, return pipe, cyclone separator, vibrating screen

Water-cooled parts: bearing seat, fixed knife, feeding pipe, grinding host shell, can choose water cooler for better cooling effect.

Starting mode: star-delta start, optional frequency converter start