PVC Plastic Profiles

PVC Plastic profiles are suitable for a variety of applications. Whether in the lighting industry, shopping malls, exhibition halls or public transportation, the application prospects are wide, almost without any restrictions. Plastic profile products are used more: window frames, stair handrails, line grooves, skirting, special-shaped tubes and so on. Raw materials are mainly hard PVC, a few are semi-hard PVC, soft PVC, polyurethane low foaming and other materials.
In the plastic profile extrusion production will inevitably produce a certain amount of waste, such as in the extrusion machine boot, stop and process adjustment process, and a small number of unqualified products in the production process. Similarly, the process of plastic window processing and cutting and other processes will also cause some residual material. Residual material disposal is a common problem in profile production and window processing. Degradation treatment will cause economic loss and environmental pollution, and the color, mechanical properties, stability and other quality indicators of the products will be affected if they are filled into the raw materials after crushing. The use of plastic crusher and pulverizer machine grinding powder, the powder can be extruded machine processing into other new regeneration products, will be able to completely digest the residual threshold to ensure product performance, is to reduce consumption, improve quality and protect the environment one of the best methods.
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