PVC Pulverizer Plastic Mill Machine PVC Grinder Machine


Description of plastic pulverizing machine:
WANROOETECH PNMF series Plastic Mill is a perfect machine for processing and grinding thermoplastics material, such as PVC, PE, PP, EVA, PLA, ABS etc, with high output and thin powder.

The PNMF series automatic plastic grinding mill is a disc-type plastic grinding mill series, which has the advantages of high-yield and low-power.

Characteristics of PVC Milling Machine:
The machine is our latest self-developed grinding mill, its features are as follows:
1. Compared with similar grinders, its output is greatly improved (increased by 20%-50%) under the same power. It is energy-saving.
2. The dust collector is added to effectively reduce dust pollution.
3. The discharging of the main fan reduces the labor intensity of operating workers.
4. The door cover of the host can be opened for the convenience of maintenance and replacement of cutters.
5. Wind and water cooling systems are adopted to decrease the working temperature inside the machine body, so the grinded material uneasy for denaturalization and also conducive to grind heat sensitivity plastics. For example, the part of PE and ABS can be grinded by this machine.