Quickly adjust the size of the powder in the plastic pulverizer?


Wanrooe machinery plastic mills are generally divided into two types: turbo type plastic pulverizer and disc type plastic pulverizer:

A: The turbo type plastic pulverizer can also be called a rotor mill. It is mainly used for the grinding of PVC and plastics with relatively high hardness, such as PVC plastic steel, pipes, PET and other materials. The material to be ground enters the grinding chamber by the mutual collision between the moving plate and the fixed plate, and the collision and grinding. Therefore, how to adjust the thickness of the grinding material correctly and quickly can be done by adjusting the gap between the moving plate and the fixed plate. The specific method is as follows;

turbo type pvc plastic pulverizer

1: Open the door of the grinding chamber, remove the lock nut on the main shaft, remove the safety plate, take out the movable cutter head, and add or reduce the adjusting shim on the main shaft.

2: Add the adjusting shim to make the abrasive material thicker, and subtract the adjusting shim to make the abrasive material thinner.

B: The disc type plastic pulverizer mainly grinds plastic materials with low hardness, such as PP, PE, LDPE, PMMA, PC, etc. The thickness of the grinding material can be obtained by the following methods:

disc type plastic pulverizer

1: Adjust the gap between the grinding discs, the fixed disc is fixed, only need to adjust the moving disc, by adjusting the four fixing bolts outside the moving disc, use a feeler gauge to make the gap between the four surfaces of the grinding disc the same size, generally controlled at about 1mm.

2: After the grinding disc is adjusted, it is necessary to replace the screen in the vibrating screen with the number of finished materials that need to be ground.

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