PE LDPE HDPE Rotomolding

WANROOETECH values the needs of the Rotational Molding Industry. We are ready to support the future of this industry with know-how, processing expertise, components, as well as entire systems to produce powder and/or micropellets to the specific needs. Since both shapes are common in the Rotational Molding Market and each offers its benefits, we consult objectively and offer based on the specific needs of our customer the most efficient process as well as the most profitable process.
Our pulverizing systems deliver regrind with the best product surface quality that is ideally suited for further processing by rotomolding. We develop and produce high-efficiency powder mills with low energy consumption, high throughput and compact design.

Micropellets offer advantages not only for small, intricate technical moldings, such as offering higher bulk density and high part definition, but also for large part moldings where reduction in cycle times or temperatures is experienced. Micropellets offer a dust-free alternative to powder and replace the two-step compounding and grinding process by a single-step compounding micro pelletizing operation.