Shrimp skin ultrafine pulverizer machine

The ultrafine pulverizer machine is mainly suitable for processing ultra-fine powder of non-flammable, explosive and brittle materials with medium to low hardness and Mohs hardness ≤ 6.Specifically, it can be widely used in the following materials:
1. Minerals: such as calcite, dolomite, bentonite, graphite, etc.
2. Construction chemical raw materials: such as cement, glass, pigments, carbon black, etc.
3. Food and additives: such as sugar, cereals, milk powder , Chinese herbal medicine powder, etc.
4. Fibers: such as flax, absorbent cotton, animal bones, etc.
5. Special and heat-sensitive materials: such as pumpkin powder, resin, rosin, etc.
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Shrimp skin ultrafine pulverizer machine Application Areas:

Shrimp skin ultra-fine grinder micro-pulverizer is mainly suitable for ultra-fine powder processing of non-flammable and explosive brittle materials with medium and low hardness and Mohs hardness ≤ 6.Such as dried shrimps, grains, milk powder, pumpkin powder, Chinese herbal medicine powder, etc. The particle size of the finished fine powder can be adjusted arbitrarily between 80-320 mesh to meet different processing needs.


Working principle of Shrimp skin ultrafine pulverizer machine :

The working principle of the Shrimp skin ultrafine pulverizer machine is mainly to crush materials into tiny particles through the action of high-speed rotating blades and high-speed airflow.Specifically, the shrimp skin is first sent into the crushing chamber, and then crushed by high-speed rotating blades and high-speed airflow.The rotation speed of the blade is usually very high, and the speed of the air flow can also reach tens of meters per second. This high-speed rotation and air flow can crush the shrimp skin into very fine particles.The crushed shrimp skin will be graded by a classifier to separate the substances into different grades for subsequent processing and utilization.

The structure of the ultrafine pulverizer machine is mainly composed of a host machine, a fan, an ultrafine analyzer, a finished powder collector, a bag dust collector and a connecting air duct.These components work together to ensure that the equipment operates stably and efficiently.

Advantages of processing shrimp skin using ultrafine pulverizer machine :

ultrafine pulverizer machine has powerful crushing capabilities and can finely grind food raw materials such as dried shrimps into micron-sized powder.This advantage allows the nutrients in shrimp skin to be fully released and improves the utilization rate and added value of shrimp skin powder.At the same time, the fine crushing process also ensures the uniform particle size of shrimp skin powder, making its subsequent processing and use more convenient.ultrafine pulverizer machine

Shrimp skin ultrafine pulverizer machine Technical Features:

1. Fully enclosed structure effectively reduces material loss and improves production efficiency.
2. Adopt advanced energy-saving technology, new high-yield pulse dust removal equipment and silencers to reduce energy consumption and noise pollution.
3. Equipped with a precise fineness adjustment device, which can adjust the finished product arbitrarily within the range of dozens to hundreds of meshes according to user needs. Fineness ensures the stability and controllability of product quality.
4. The use of high-quality wear-resistant materials and precision manufacturing technology improves the wear resistance and stability of the equipment.
5. Equipped with a PLC automatic control system, which can monitor the operating status and crushing effect of the equipment in real time to achieve intelligent control.


Ultrafine pulverizer blade
The entire grinding disc is made of high-hardness and high-wear-resistant materials, which can withstand the heat and wear generated by high-speed rotation and friction, ensuring long-term and stable processing results.
Ultrafine pulwerizer machine motor
Using Siemens motor, it has high power, stable speed and low noise during operation, providing a solid power guarantee for high-quality crushing process.

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Yield Feed particle size Discharging mesh number Spindle speed Machine weight Power
Model kg/h mm mesh rpm kg kw
MR-15 10-150 6 60-320 6000 1000 13.5
MR-20 15-200 10 60-320 5400 1400 21
MR-30 50-600 12 60-320 3800 2300 46
MR-60 100-1000 15 60-320 2900 3800 84
MR-80 120-1500 15 60-320 2500 5100 123
MR-100 150-2000 20 60-320 2000 7400 183

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