EVA Soles Shoes Recycling Machine

Fully Automatic EVA Soles Shoes Recycling Pulverizing System

To shredded crushing pulverizing EVA soles shoe wastes by fully automatic system. The grind powder can be added back into the production for reducing production costs and for increasing product characteristics. 1 or 2 operators can operate the whole EVA soles shoe recycling plant. With over 20 years of experience in recycling, Wanrooe not only mastered the key technology but also improved machine designs to address specific product features. Wanrooe offers EVA soles shoe recycling solutions that are high output and low energy consumption.

EVA Soles Shoes Recycling Machine

Why do we need  EVA Soles Shoes Recycling?
In the process of footwear production, a large amount of solid waste is inevitably generated, such as fabric, leather, synthetic leather for the upper, rubber, foam, polyurethane, TPU, etc. for the sole. The traditional practice is often to use incineration or landfill and other methods of disposal. However, incineration will release a large amount of toxic and harmful gases, causing great pollution to the environment; if landfilled, some materials will not decay after decades, and may also produce toxic and harmful substances in the process to further pollute land resources. Therefore, it is very necessary to recycle EVA soles.


How to recycle EVA Soles Shoes?
Collection and classification:
Firstly, collect discarded EVA soles from consumers, factories, or other sources.
Then, these soles and shoes are classified and separated according to the type, color, and quality of EVA for subsequent processing.
Cleaning and Handling:
Thoroughly clean the collected EVA soles and shoes to remove surface dirt, residues, and impurities.
Ensure the quality and consistency of recycled materials through physical or chemical methods, and prepare for subsequent processing.
Crushing and crushing:
Use specialized crushing and crushing equipment to break the cleaned EVA sole shoes into small pieces or particles.
This step helps to increase the surface area of the material and improve the efficiency of subsequent regeneration manufacturing.
Regenerative manufacturing:
Mix the crushed EVA particles with other additives or new materials, and manufacture new EVA products through hot pressing, injection molding, or other molding processes.
These products can be shoe soles, filling materials, or other related products, depending on market demand and product design.


EVA Soles Shoes Recycling Video:


EVA Soles Shoes Recycling Machine Components:

EVA Soles Shoes shredder recycling machine EVA Soles Shoes crusher recycling machine
The EVA sole shoes waste is first coarsely shredded by the shredder.
The EVA sole shoe material is initially crushed into pieces of 10mm or less through the crusher.
TPU Mill,TPU Pulverizer, TPU Powder Making Machine, TPU Grinder, TPU Recycling Machine Pulse Dust Collecter
Plastic Pulverizer
The flakes from the crusher are grinding into an EVA plastic powder by a pulverizer.
Pulse Dust Collector
Collect dust from products during the grinding process to prevent pollution.


Wanrooetech provides EVA soles shoe recycling machines, according to your recycling material, and provides customized recycling services to meet your different needs, we will help you save investment costs and labor costs, and we have professional engineers one-on-one to help you solve your questions, If you have chunks of EVA soles shoe sitting in factories and are interested in recycling them, Please contact Wanrooe for consulting.


In order to better give you professional answers, when sending the inquiry, please describe your parameters or technical requirements (such as processing materials, output size, capacity, etc.), Thanks.


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