Fiberglass Recycling Machine

Why do we need to recycle fiberglass?
Fiberglass is a broad-spectrum material. It is a material made of thin glass fibers woven together. It is made up of silica, sand and other naturally occurring materials typically found in glass. Fiberglass can be divided into two major groups, continuous fibers and discontinuous fibers. Continuous fibers are widely used in yarns and textiles. Discontinuous fibers are widely used in batts, blankets, etc. Generally speaking, fiberglass is a kind of very usefully chemical material, when we enjoy the benefits and conveniences it brings to us, we also must be careful to handle it properly and not let its toxins collect in landfills.
On the other hand, fiberglass is a very strong material and can last for many years. After recycling, it can create even greater value. For example, it can be used to make fences instead of wood fences after recycling. The fiberglass fences are more durable than wood fences. In this way, we can also protect the forest resources on the earth.

How to recycle fiberglass?
Firstly we have to use the fiberglass shredder to shred the fiberglass waste. Due to the diverse forms of fiberglass waste, we have to use the fiberglass shredder to make it uniform. It is not only for convenient transport but also for the convenience of the next recycling step. Then we send it to professional fiberglass recycling centers. In the recycling center, it will transform the pieces/powder of fiber glasses into brand new material that can take place of wood/aluminum to build picnic tables, fencing, sea walls and other items.

Fiberglass recycling process:
The waste fiberglass is sent to the shredder through the input belt for shredding. After shredding, 30-50mm fiberglass material can be obtained. The specific size can be controlled by the shredder screen and the output size can be controlled by the conveyor belt. Plastic Crusher to obtain 3-8mm crushed material. The crusher can control the discharge size through the crusher screen, and then enter the plastic mill for grinding, and control the grinding mesh through the vibrating screen. Note that the fiberglass contains a large amount of Calcium carbonate needs to be pulse dust collector to remove dust and purify the air.

Step 1: Fiberglass shredder
Fiberglass shredder is a machine that used to shred the fiberglass into small pieces. There are many types of fiberglass shredders with different capacity and output size. You can always find the most optimal fiberglass shredder according to your actual needs. Fiberglass shredder is widely used in fiberglass recycling. This machine can make the fiberglass to be easily re-used in the following process.

Step 2: Fiberglass crusher

Step 3: Fiberglass pulverizer

Step 4: Pulse Dust Catcher


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