Plastic Slipper Recycling Machine

Fully Automatic Plastic Slipper Recycling Pulverizing System

To shredded crushing pulverizing plastic slipper wastes by fully automatic system. The grind powder can be added back into the production for reducing production costs and for increasing product characteristics. 1 or 2 operators can operate the whole plastic slipper recycling plant. With over 20 years of experience in recycling, Wanrooe not only mastered the key technology but also improved machine designs to address specific product features. Wanrooe offers plastic slipper recycling solutions that are high output and low energy consumption.

EVA Soles Shoes Recycling Machine

Why recycle Plastic Slipper Recycling?
Plastic slippers can be in either plastic or rubber in the market. Plastic slipper is one kind of plastic shoe. Nowadays recycled shoes are more and more encouraged. If a plastic slipper is made from recycled plastic, it really helps to keep plastic out of the ocean and landfill. When it comes to plastic slipper recycling, a plastic slipper granulator is a good size reduction machine in the whole process.

Plastic Slipper Recycling Machine

How to recycle Plastic Slippers?

Many new and established brands are coming out with more styles that are made from recycled materials PET plastic. We all know PET plastic is the original material for making plastic bottles. For plastic slippers, it can be made from polypropylene plastic and feature a rubber sole, both polypropylene plastic and rubber are recyclable. So it is necessary to turn throw-away plastic and rubber into new valuable products. But how do recycle these slippers with recyclable materials?


First, you need to separate recyclables and non-recyclable materials.


Second, you also need to separate recyclable materials into different categories like polypropylene plastic and rubber. Because different materials will have different recycling solutions or processes.


Third, you can move different recyclable materials to different facilities with matched recycling line equipment. Take polypropylene plastic for example, after you collect a large amount of polypropylene plastic, there will be sorting, cleaning, shredding or granulating, reprocessing by melting. Finally, small plastic pellets will be produced into new products through CNC, injection molding, thermoforming or crimping.


Plastic Slipper Recycling Video:


Plastic Slipper Recycling Machine Components:

EVA Soles Shoes shredder recycling machine EVA Soles Shoes crusher recycling machine
The plastic slipper waste is first coarsely shredded by the shredder.
The plastic slipper is initially crushed into pieces of 10mm or less through the crusher.
TPU Mill,TPU Pulverizer, TPU Powder Making Machine, TPU Grinder, TPU Recycling Machine Pulse Dust Collecter
Plastic Pulverizer
The flakes from the crusher are grinding into a plastic slipper powder by a pulverizer.
Pulse Dust Collector
Collect dust from products during the grinding process to prevent pollution.


Wanrooetech provides plastic slipper recycling machines, according to your recycling material, and provides customized recycling services to meet your different needs, we will help you save investment costs and labor costs, and we have professional engineers one-on-one to help you solve your questions, If you have chunks of plastic slipper sitting in factories and are interested in recycling them, Please contact Wanrooe for consulting.


In order to better give you professional answers, when sending the inquiry, please describe your parameters or technical requirements (such as processing materials, output size, capacity, etc.), Thanks.